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Shopping is stressful for us at the best of times.Ask a friend to go with you to help with the weekly shoping.Use a shoping trolley,it helps as a walking aid and something to have a rest with if you get breathless .Shop when the store is less busy if possible, crowds and queues at the checkout could make you tired and anxius.

Richard Cornish


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Many thanks for those tips Richard :) I hated shopping when I was well, so you can imagine how much I (dis)like doing it now I'm not so well.

I get the bulk of my meals delivered once a month (microwave in the bag meals) and then walk either to the supermarket or in the opposite direction to the small shops in town, almost every day. I only have to get things like fresh salad or milk for that day, so I don't have heavy shopping. I take my time over it, enjoy the fresh air and get my daily mile walk in at the same time. However - I am seriously considering the use of one of those strong shopping trolleys that you can sit on as an alternative to a suitcase the next time I travel to see friends. It will make the walk around the train stations etc a lot easier if I can sit when I need to. Just a bit worried I might look like a 'bag lady' ( a style I do very well) as I drag a shopping trolley rather than a suitcase into a city centre hotel ;)

Others dream of shiny new cars ..... I'm thinking something like this:)

Since finishing work I prefer shopping online. No driving or parking, no jostling in the crowds, no carrying, no hassle, no stress. :)

When I was recovering from my operation I used the electric buggy carts at ou local Tesco and Asda as I was no way capable of pushing a trolley at that time, it was just so nice to get out of the house and do something useful. You just need to ask for the key at customer services if they have one available at that time.

My wife and I always go at 0730 in the morning big supermarket nice and quiet on a Wednesday morning. I like you push the trolley with my oxygen on my back. We are always in and out before the crowds get in. I have just had an eye op and cannot drive so we will be going on line to do the shopping a new experience shopping staying cool , calm and collected and staying in the warm away from the mading crowds

I used to do the supermarket shop late at night, usually well after 10pm. The store tends to be much quieter then, nobody looked twice at me hanging on to the trolley for dear life, and there are always plenty of shelf stacking staff around to reach for items I couldn't get to normally :-)

I just wish I had the energy to do it now, there's no way I could walk round that place now, even with the trolley for support. At that time of night there's no customer service desk and the few staff they have are usually nowhere to be seen until you get well into the food aisles, bar the security man at the door. They only keep self service tills open, unless you can find the person 'on call' that night and persuade them that you need them to do the scanning.

That also means that the electric scooters are unavailable, I've asked. When I asked why they blamed kids for messing about with them. I not only looked at the security guy at the door, but also asked why, when they need a key to operate. Got me nowhere.

I suppose I should try again. Get in touch with the manager in daytime and let them know when I'm likely to visit. My wife would be pleased if I was able to do the essentials shop on a Friday night. I can drive OK, she would let me have the car for that. Quiet time so park near the door and then zip round in the scooter trolley.

I thought about getting a wheeled shopping bag, but then realised I'd have to lift it into the boot of the car as well - much better with several smaller bags.

I only shop online - it is delivered to my kitchen! Any extra bits one of us does. Ocado is my saviour.


i always said that i would sooner be dead than have a motorbility scooter,my sons friends mother had bought one and phoned me,she said it had changed her life.Last summer i felt guilty because my dog only went out in the car as i couldnt walk far,then i saw an advert in the paper shop window motorbility scooter used once excellent condition £425,iphoned three days later,it looked brand new and i bought it but i didnt use it as i felt embarrised,even my son had to ride it home for took me 3 weeks before i finally went out.The dog loved it and walked along side of me,now we go everywhere together myself the dog and the scooter.One day a lad shouted bloody hell its madge and i saw myself in the reflection in the shop window i had to laugh cause i did, but i've made so many friends and my little dog gets lots and lots of walks as well.

My physio department gave me a little rollator and it gives me so much support. the little bag in front holds my 02 bottle and I can actually enjoy shopping again!

I switched over to online shopping about 4 years ago and would not change for a princes ransom. My online store is Tesco and I could not fault their service and the drivers are always helpful and bring my shopping into my kitchen

I have now taken advantage of their scheme where you pay for your delivery or service charge in advance and 3 months averages out at £2.50 per week. If I need things during the week I drive up to the Asda and have a relaxed shop. Best of all worlds!



does anyone know where i could buy an exercise dvd so i can do it at home?

Try Amazon

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