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Being ill is making me ill...?

Well, I had my trip to Dad's yesterday and was OK in myself most of the time, a bit SOB here and there.

Today I woke up with a chest pain, I put it down to the way I'd been sleeping, with my arm under my side, making my body twist a bit. I've had it before, if I just sit up and relax a few minutes it will go off.

I got up, went to make a cuppa, fed the dog, had a sneeze and my nose started running again. It's all blocked up now, my mouth is dry and I'm snuffly. I don't like being like this.

It was our local Breathe Easy AGM today, I've had to call and say I'm not going again. Not fair of me to breathe anything nasty on others, apart from the effort it would take to get there. I don't travel too well when I'm stuffed up like this, it's two buses each way.

I was going to call the surgery and book a flu jab, but they say to allow a couple of weeks after an infection and/or antibiotics. At this rate it will be 2024 before I have a window of opportunity like that!

Knowing I'd be out today, I recorded my radio show last night. I was just listening to a bit of it, quality control and all that, and I can now hear my nose was stuffy as I spoke. Maybe I tired myself out yesterday and simply didn't notice.

Just got an appointment at the hospital in 'general medicine', I had no idea what for. Seems that the Respiratory Consultant I saw last time has referred me on for further tests, diabetes, vitamin deficiency - ah, now I know why they want me.

All this illness is making me feel ill... :-(

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:-( Oh dear you need a fu fu pill as my mom would say.

Hope your feeling better soon.

Aw Gordon I'm so sorry you're not well again :-( I must say though you are an inspiration to myself and I'm sure others on this site. You always have a positive attitude and laugh at your illness, get well soon.



You are not having a great time lately.

You are the voice of wisdom on here.

Hope you feel better soon.

Best wishes b.

Dear Gordon, when you feel unwell

come on here, with us, for a spell

we can help with the cheer

but can't offer a beer

just tea and a biccy, oh well !

Hope you are feeling better soon :)x

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Hope you make a speedy recovery Gordon for your sake & ours.As i am sure others on here will agree.take care,best wishes.:)

I am loathe to take general pills like paracetamol, or the regular cold and flu remedies. They always seem to make these things last longer. What I don't want is to spend all winter getting one thing after another.

Just after I posted the original blog, my wife arrived home - sniffling and coughing - now I know where I got it from at least.

elian - I had a beer last night, while waiting for my train. A reasonable pint in a 'brewery tap' pub, that means (for the curious) it's attached to the brewery and sells their beers. It was OK, but I was more looking forward to getting home for a nice cuppa and a biscuit as you suggest. That's poetry enough :-)

I may just tuck myself up in the sleeping bag in my chair for an hour - ah, that remind me, I put my foot through the corner the other day - the stitching that holds the zip has come undone for about 12 inches, meaning my foot gets cold... I'd better get the sewing box instead of having a kip.

Sorry you have an infection Gordon. Funny thing this flu jab. Usually when I go if I cough they say probably best to delay it, but it's the best I'm gonna get, so they end up doing it. Last week after having abs from my cons for infection brewing, went to gps and it cultured Haem inf but it was resistent to the abs. I said to my gp I didn't go for flu jab 'cos I wasn't sure with all this going on and he said the sooner the better and did it for me there and then. So it might be worth you asking your doc for his opinion re vac.

Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks cofdrop - wonder what vac he will recommend ? A hoover or a Dyson ? :-D

My surgery are closed Thursday afternoons so I'll give them a ring in the morning now.

He he - personally I'd go for the Dyson........

Good call staying away from meetings when you have a bug. Safe to keep warm and rest up on line to your buddies here, get back to your old self soon.

Get well soon wishing you all the best

Hi Gordon - I'm just catching up on old newsletters (only 4 months later, not bad!)

After a long patch of infections interspersed with antibiotics and prednisolone, I remembered I used to take Vitamin C when I was smoking and rarely had a cold (like years not months)

Seeing this post reminded me I haven't been taking them for several weeks and, guess what, I'm back on the meds for the second time in two months - d'oh!

I buy the cheapest chewable 1000mg (NOT the stupid 60mg or whatever the usual is - they're useless!) but they also do 500mg which is quite good for assessing the best amount to take.

It can't do you any harm because the body gets rid of it quite quickly if it's not needed - although you might then need rehydrating, lol!


I know how you feel, it's one thing after another.

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