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Isle of Wight, here we come!

Off to Bembridge, Isle of Wight tomorrow. Pete is not 100% (he never is that actually) but very excited so hope all goes well. Staying at the Warners adults only hotel just for a long weekend. The weather may be rubbish but who cares! xxxx

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Hope you both have a lovely weekend and that Pete is feeling better after his flu jab :-)



Thanks Karen xx

Have a fantastic and enjoyable weekend and make sure you take your thermals.xx

Hope we won't need them! Thanks xxxx

have a great time, hope you get some sunshine x

Have a great time sassy never mind the weather and make sure people look after you for a change! Bon Voyage to Richard too, sounds like a swanky hotel. x

That's great news sassy :) something to cheer you both up, hopefully. Enjoy yourselves, whatever the weather !

Thanks for the lovely replies everyone. Back home again on Monday so will let you know how it all went. Don't worry, won't bore you too much! xxx

I love the Isle of Wight... Have a really good time there.

Cheers Perce, we will. xx

Have a wonderful weekend. xx

Have a lovely time. Even if the weather is bad a change of scene will do you both good. Enjoy!!

Had a really great weekend on the Isle of Wight but the weather was rubbish. The change of air did do us both good though and Pete did stay quite well which is half the battle. Had a really lovely room at Bembridge Warners and the food was lovely especially as I did not have to cook it. No washing up either! Glad to be back though and hope all are well. xxxx

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