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It's a parcel :)

Oh I love receiving parcels, Ebay, Amazon I am a happy lassie, just had a huge bang on the door and the postman hands over a lovely little chunky parcel. Oh what's this, I ask myself the Kipling Handbag was only paid for yesterday?! Excited I rip it open, its accessories for my nebuliser, I am thrilled, just had a good ole puff on a new neb chamber, installed the new filter and now Lottie and I are ready to go walkies, well I must go and shower first, put some new lines in for my syringe driver , and then I am ready to go.

Dearly dearly me, it takes so little to make me happy, thank you Evergreen for delivering a first class service, within 24 hours of ordering.

Now can someone explain to me why Royal Mail can take a whole week to deliver my letter 40 miles away, but I can receive a parcel from the other side of the country in 24 hours?

Off to sing in the shower for five minutes now xxxx Daxiemad and Lottie Dog

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as my lass works for royal mail i couldn't possibly comment ;) enjoy your shower and walk x


Have a good walk Daxiemad.


Er, thrilled with new nebuliser parts Daxie? What are you on, and can I have some please teehee

FF x


Well done Daxiemad. Hope you have great day :)


Enjoy your walk and glad your parcel brought such joy to you and Lottie dog. xxxx


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