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Took Richard to the drs today, hes been coughing up blood a couple of days. but his nose has been blocked with blood and richard said it was probably that, but better safe than sorry and pushed him up. The dr noticed how out of breath he was just walking the 5 yards across the waiting room, then he said, as you have bronchiectasis, I said no, he has fibrosis, so he looked at his notes and apologised, he had read it wrong, he examined him but could only hear the fibrosis which disguises other sounds, however he had a temp and been having headaches so he gave him anti biotics, Wouldn't you think though that given the severity of his illness, last time we went he had the notes from the hospital and the lung capacity results, that time he said he must be very careful to avoid germs, and take each day as it comes, he would have remembered, or am I being a little silly here. He's a good dr but we have only been at that surgery less than a year.

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Doctors drive me mad - every time you go in you have to repeat your history, they stand reading your file then ask you a question - but you told them the answer no more than 30 seconds ago - i don't understand why they don't have a quick checklist on the front of your file so you don't keep repeating yourself and they don't keep asking the same ruddy question!!!!!


very annoying, i get they can't remember every one,but ones like your hubby should have a flag on their folder,as you said hard enough for him to get there let alone repeat everything. hope he settles down soon x


Yet again I must be sooooo lucky. My GP is fantastic. I saw him in the street the other day and he stopped to ask how I was - I haven't been to see him since April although I have spoken to him a couple of times for telephone consults. Our surgery has a computerised system so all the info they need is up on screen, including letters from my consultant etc - I like to have a sneaky peak. Even unrelated stuff to my condition that I recently had to have a small op for and my monthly bloods results.

I can understand how frustrating it must be for you and you have my sympathies. But I don't know what to suggest apart from changing your GP.



I think the problem is that it is easier for them to ask repeatedly than to actually have to look it up themselves. I had a similar experience going to see a dietician. I was to see him every week and he had to ask my name and ask why (in particular) I had been referred and what my normal diet was (I listed typical meals) EVERY WEEK. The funniest thing was on the fifth week when he commented on my using oxygen, asking if it was new - though I had carried the cylinder with me every time I attended, taking it off and putting it back on every time I was weighed. I had not seen him long enough for there to be reams of notes to check. Just laziness I think, or he had no interest in his job whatsoever.


If you see the same doctor every time then he should have remembered something. We tend to see the same doctor with Pete as it saves having to go over everything each time with somebody new. Good luck to you and thinking of you both. xxxx


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