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the perils of depression

I'm sure many of us have had experience of depression, some worse than others. It's so easy to take things the wrong way & feel slighted if you're depressed.

Once when I was severely depressed, I got the date of my appointment with the psychiatrist mixed up. The receptionist told me, very kindly, that I'd come on the wrong day, but I decided the real reason was they didn't want me there & didn't think I was "worth" treating. It seemed rational at the time! I remember bursting into tears and running out.

There's been a lot in the press about the over-prescription of anti-depressants, but they were a godsend to me, though I think they should be combined with talking therapy too.

Now I am kinder to myself. I go out more, have regular little treats eg outings with friends & family, m&s "dine in for £10" to save cooking, or an aromatherapy massage, reflexology etc. Just an hour in a nice bubble bath with scented candles, a glass of wine and a good book is great therapy for me.

What do others do to keep the big D at bay?

FF x

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I don't do anything, except convince myself that it's not going to last for long and just go with the flow for a few days, have a good cry and then the sun usually comes up again :)


I used to know the signs and be able to act to hold it at bay, now I find it just takes over, I do try and have little days out, I am going on a photography day at my local rescue zoo, just been to yorkshire wildlife park with the lions and going away to spend time with family.

I am now trying to learn to swim and hope to use that as time out from others


Sorry you find it so hard to cope with Jackie, but glad you're keeping chin up & refusing to be beaten. It's so hard when you get into a cycle of depression. Don't forget, as Heych says the helpline is always there for us. MIND has a great one too.

love & solidarity

FF x


If I feel the black dog creeping up on me and going out or chatting to friends does not help I have a bed day (or sometimes 2). I take a snack, a flask and a good book and curl up warm. I put on the radio quietly in the background and give myself up to my imagination within the plot, solving crimes, healing patients, etc. Well, works for me! ;)


Nothing at all guess that makes me one of the lucky ones that can see a life worth living without any kind of treatment, for this small blessing I am truly thankful :-)


Ah the Black Dog, know him well but feed him a few milligrams of Citalopram and we keep him quiet. Sometimes on a bad day if he is prowling around, I find a distraction like hugging Lottie Dog under the patchwork duvet, a good book and some chocolate. Usually followed by sleepie byes, where I generally wake up feeling more able to cope with what ever the world throws at me. I hate the outside world seeing me depressed, so rather than put myself under pressure of keeping a happy face, a bit of me time, is healing time. Often though that me time can take the form of a gentle stroll with Lottie, I love nature and art, and will just take that quiet stroll to notice what others are too busy to see, the pleasure of seeing a squirrel darting across the park, mother duck with her babies or that stunning rainbow. Life might have dealt me a bad set of cards health wise, but the way I play them is to use the time that I have to marvel at what others are too busy see, and feel lucky.


What a great post Fairyfootsteps. I am very lucky as I have never suffered from depression. The worst I get are days when I am a bit fed up - very different.

I would think talking as well as appropriate medication is probably one of the best things to help. Unfortunately, depression is a subject many people still shy away from. I think everyone's responses are really helpful here.

Lynne x


Meditations help me lots when low "I hate the word depression prefer to say am low "

Low at the min, did nothing but cry yesterday breathing is pants have lots going on and keep getting appointments mixed up then I get upset...

My heads all over the place. My oxygen keeps dropping and I get confused then forget things then get upset.. The other morning I had to go to the shop for washing up liquid so went came back had forgot it, As got all mithered in the shop, realized so had to go back... so I did came home before I realized had got bleach and still forgot the damn liquid arrghh my friend ended up getting it...

It is driving me nuts my memory probs and I get angry with myself I get very upset... then just want to go to bed thats without the lack of energy no stamina can't breathe constant high temp chest infections arrghhh I just want to scream only I wouldn't be able to breath at all pppftt




Oh Ali, I'm very worried about you. I so remember those memory problems - the number of shops I've left cos I've got myself in a state, either not rememberng what I wanted or dropping stuff all over the floor or losing my purse - you just can't cope with anything when you're that low. I hope you're getting help with the emotional side of things as well as the physical?

lots of love

FF x


Hi lovey,

They have offered me counseling etc

Hugs :-)



I'm on medication for depression, shouldn't be depressed I have such alot to be grateful for, except COPD. My daughters, one husband, one partner, two grandchildren coming down for a long weekend, thats the best 'pick me up' for me.



Libbygood, what do you mean "shouldn't be depressed"? There's nothing more depressing than chronic illness so you're as entitled to be depressed, and receive medication for it, as the rest of us! So keep taking the tablets ;) I definitely believe in accepting some chemical help, though family visits are the best therapy of all

love, FF x


I get fed up sometimes rather than depressed. I try and do something constructive, however small, like a bit of hoovering or washing up. It makes my day seem worthwhile. Sometimes I'll sit in the local park and watch the world go by. I find nature a great pick-me-up.


Hi you have all given me inspiration today, have only just got up and feeling down am supposed to be going out to lunch with a group of Breathe Easy friends and hubby and I have been talking myself out of it. Now after reading this I am going to get off my bum and go and I will enjoy it I know.

Thank you everyone. :-)




What a great post and really insightful and inspiring responses. Bright blessings to everyone today and always.

As always the bf helpline is here if anyone wishes the talk, in confidence 03000 030 555 for a medical or emotional issue big or small it call counts.



I don't really get depressed as such but can get very down when Pete is so ill with a chest infection say. I must admit that coming on here has been a real eye opener so now if I feel down or sorry for myself I remember what so many of you fine people are going through and what humour shines from so many of you. I can well understand how depression can affect anyone with a chronic illness and everyone deals with things as best they can. Good luck one and all and try and keep smiling when possible. Thinking of you all. Stay well. xxxx


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