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Feel like a bit of an interloper!

I have had lung disease for 42 years, Sarcoidosis, P Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis and invasive Aspergillus! Apparently none of the afforementioned comes under the umbrella of COPD. But how I look at it is I do have a a chronic disease which obstructs my lungs so I hope you all don't mind be being one of you.

Over recent days I have been popping in regularly and feel a wee bit strange if I don't log on to your site.

For years I have been part of the bronchiectasis family, as we call it. So if you don't mind I would love to be part of this group of incredibly brave, humorous and caring people!

Thank you


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I havent got COPD either Maureen!

nice to hear from you x

As you may have noticed, this area is under the banner of the British Lung Foundation, not just restricted to COPD and Asthma, so you're quite welcome to join in without any fear of intrustion... :-)

I'm sure there will be others here who can interact with you, I've already seen sarcoidosis mentioned a few times and you'll perhaps excuse my own ignorance of other conditions on the grounds that I don't have them myself.

Thanks Gordon! Sorry don't know how to put one of the smiley faces or I would!

Today is your lucky day ;-)

Read here: blf.healthunlocked.com/blog...

Just remember to take the spaces out, each smiley is either 2 or 3 characters long with no spaces inbetween.

Trying but I must be thick can't get it to work! But will try again later

The smiley will not appear until you submit the message ;-)

Thank you nice to meet you too. x

Hi Maureen

Lovely to see your post and welcome to the site, good to hear your thoughts and it will be lovely to hear more about you in time.

Take care


Welcome to the site, it is the best thing I have done.

We all have lung problems, it doesnt have to have label on it.


Hello Maureen, you're not an interloper at all, lung decease is lung decease whatever, and welcome to the site.


Wecome and whatever the lung condition, the more the merrier! :D

Hi Maureen

Welcome. I am a fellow sufferer of sarcoidosis and bronchiectasis. I feel very much at home on here so please don't feel like an interloper!

marie x

Hi welcome to the site!

Hello and welcome Maureen. There are people with many different conditions on here. Variety is the spice of life.

Welcome Maureen to the site , I agree with Libby lung decease is lungs in what ever guises

nice to get new people in

another take on things

Hello and welcome Maureen Auntymary xx

Welcome Maureen.

You have a lung problem so you qualify.


Hi Maureen, Welcome and I hope we can all help each other through our respective problems. regards Arn x

Hi Maureen and you're most welcome here. :)

Hello Maureen.

Welcome from me too :) x

Nor me, Maureen! I don't have COPD but bronchiectasis with obliterative bronchiolitis. (I tell my children I've got BOB in my lungs, which makes them laugh.) But I find many subjects, problems or experiences are common to lots of us with lung disease, so useful to me too. And I don't know of anyone else with lung disease nearby, so it's good to have this community of folks who understand. Welcome!

Good to hear from you Maureen. I care for my husband of almost 39 years who also has sarcoidosis (21 years) and now copd (2 and a half years) so you are not an interloper at all. Take care and welcome! x

Hi Mo

Know and love you from 'the other place'. Like you I am quite new on here, although not as polite as you I haven't introduced myself, just crept in by the back door. There seems to be quite a few bronchiectatics on here, and as mentioned all lung disease is horrid and many of the stuff we struggle with overlap and we all have an understanding and 'get it' that those with 'normal lungs', with the best will in the world can't. Peeps Mo is the loveliest of ladies and is just so supportive to everyone. Lucky to have you here my friend.


Hi my friend, thank you for the lovely complements but I am no nicer and supportive than your good self. Great to have one of my Brus pals on here too! xxx

As another new member, I apologise for my ignorance, but could anyone tell me what the difference is between copd and these other lung diseases because I was under the impression that copd was a blanket name for all non curable lung diseases. Thanks.

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