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well today not a good day

Had trouble taking meds this morning breathing hit and miss, chest hurts ankle hurts and knee hurts decided I better go to docs as I am tired and everything hurts and feel so out of sorts

The chest is clear.... the rest might be artheritus been given pain killers.

But I feel so down with it all I ended up in tears work sent me home . I am now going to go and hide in bed for a while

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Oh dear I'm sorry to hear that, you do sound fed up. Why not phone a friend up and share your woes? Or get someone round to keep you company, and ask them to bring a bottle of bucks fizz and some cakes. Or if no-one's available, just some tea and toast and a good DVD can do the trick. There's nothing that gets you down more than being in pain so I do sympathise. In my experience though, taking to bed just makes me feel more fed up, though I know it helps some people.

love, FF x

Aw, sorry your feeling down...tea and toast sounds like a plan, and get yourself warm and cosy.

Mrs S x

Hello Jackie

Bless you, it sounds like one of those duvet days (ie not getting out of bed). Hope your day gets better. Fairyfootsteps advice is sound and you can always phone me here at the helpline for a confidential chat... a problem shared etc. Tel 03000 030 555.

Take care

Auntymary xx

Hi Jackie, sorry you are poorly, I think a duvet day is definitely called for. Be good to yourself! Get well soon!

I do the same when I don't feel so good....... a day in bed can work wonders. But...... it's also good to share your woes, so give Heych a call Jackie and have a good old natter ;)

thank you all, I went to bed did not see the message till now, feel a bit better but oh so tired, an early night to start the day again tomorrow.

what worries me is having more time off work, even though they have been good with me I do not like to push it

A good nights sleep can work wonders Jackie, can understand your concern about work but if you're not well enough to go in there's nothing anyone can do about it and worrying is no good. Tomorrow is another day !


Hi Jackie60, we all have good days and bad, glad your little sleep done you good. Suggest a long warm soak in the bath before you go to bed tonight and before you go to sleep think of a nice sunny place where you have been too with the golden sands and nice blue sea. You will fall asleep listening to the waves splashing about and the nice warm sunshine on your back. Bet you will feel better tomorrow and remember those smililey thoughts and laughter

Hi Jackie, I know how you feel, last October I broke my ankle, now have a plate with 7 screws keeping it all together, 5 months ago I damaged the ligaments on the same foot, still hurts and still bruised, had a knee operation on the other leg a few years ago, still gives me problems. Having smoked for 43 years I now have emphysema. Have good days and bad days, hope you have more good days soon, keep your chin up, chopsticks.

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