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dentist and other happy (?) things!

Just back from dentist, my crown had fallen out yesterday so I was a brave girl and rang up straight away, anyhoo he managed to glue it back in and fingers crossed that does the trick!

This week or next I'm having an observation at work, nothing to do with my illness it's a yearly "do".....but its a pain in the neck none the less lol!

met up with a pal today who I haven't seen since I was poorly, it was lovely to see her and catch up with all her news, we didint really talk about me which was rather nice!

the weather is somewhat grim "up north" today...rainy and windy...glad I dont have to go out again...think I'll do some sewing and watch a DVD.

Thursday my eldest turns 17...scary!! he's got a new tent (I know...but thats what he wanted!!) and some other bits and bats...I'm expecting a parcel of books from Amazon and hope it comes in time!

hope everyone is ok, its a difficult time of year,

Keep smiling,

Mrs S xxx

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Lovely to hear your news and you sound very upbeat. We could all benefit from a bit more positive mental attitude right now.

It's warm here though very windy so I have driven to town which is sheltered from the winds and it's positively hot here! Going to walk along and have tea at one of the cafes (bit expensive but hey you can't take it with you).

Thanks for the cheery news :)

Auntymary xx

jealous of the sunshine! hope you have as nice a day tomorrow.


Nice one Mrs S and you too Auntymary.

I'm up t'north too and it's a funny old day :( very windy and frequent heavy showers but with bursts of sunshine between :) I've just got back from Tesco and am about to put the kettle on if anyone wants to join me in a lovely cup of tea and a choccy biscuit ;)

Had news recently that my daughter (who lives in Switzerland) will be living in Sao Paolo, Brazil from the New Year as her partner is being transferred there due to a promotion. I'm really pleased for them, but sad that I'll only see my gorgeous grand-daughter a couple of times a year. Thank the Lord for Skype though :)

All in all life is pretty good for me and I sincerely hope it is (or will become) the same for everyone here.

ooo yeah make me one...but better leave the choccy bic as just been dentist lol!

What lovely posts today,

I am down south and it is just as ff said lovely sun and a lot of wind It has lifted me up,

I am going to get my paints out or pastels and have a go! With the cuppa and biscuit of course!

Have a good day everyone. B.

I did some embroidery in the hands aren't shaking as much now my Steroid dose is coming down so I got quite a lot done!

I did get the cup of tea but as far as painting it will have to wait till tomorrow, my hands turned to a bunch of sausages!

Still I remember from pain management course that you must pace yourself, so I've got things ready now, and will make a start weds. The great thing about these iPads are you don't have to type with fingers, you get a dabber. So much easier.

Have a good evening.


Hello Mrs. S. I live in the middle of the country and it has been very windy here, but mostly dry.

Talking of teeth, one of mine broke in half last week and the filling came out. I now need a crown and as my dentists is private it's a bit of an ouch in terms of cost!

I had a lovely light lunch out today with a lady who is also from this site, I won't say who as she may not want people to know, but we had a lovely chat. It's good when you find someone living not too far away to do this with now and again and compare notes.

Lynne x

Ouch to the tooth situation...both pain and money...not good :-(

lunch out sounds nice though! its good to have a treat eh?

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