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I am confused at what aches and pains are from the emphysema or arthritis !

I have high BP too !

the last few days i have had severe pain in neck , head and left shoulder.

severe on waking and less after taking meds , but still stiff and sore .

twice in last 2 weeks I have been in A & E with BP.

I am due for pre op exam tomoro for a artroscopy on knee

i never know which pains to tell doc about ! dont want to seem like a moaner

but dont know what ones are relevant to each illness !

enphysema is gold 11

fev1 is 51%

have a good day all you fellow copders

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Hi, i too have severe neck pain and COPD went to Doc sent me for x-ray said he did not know how it could be so severe, like you it is when i get up in the morning and by evening is terrible, he subscribed volterol cream 3 times daily and co-codamol 2 every 4 hours have used the whole tube it has done nothing, last night my daughter brought out an ice pack and solpodine as she said i looked awful used that last night and this morning cant believe the difference so worth a try you need to put the ice pack in a towel so as not to burn the skin hope this helps as the pain is excrutiating was wondering if i could stand it any longer, take care.

many thanks primrose , I will try that now ! As you said ,it can get excrutiating

I have tried the voltarol cream to no avail.

The pain in your head, neck and shoulders are all the signs of Cervical Spondylosis: discs in your neck are gradually ground away by movement, this in turn creates pressure on the nerves which causes the pain you feel. Stiffness in the neck area is also a sign. You will need some specialist x-rays of your neck to certify this degenerate condition.

I've had Cervical Spondylosis for many years now and there are times when the pain and the stiffness become unbearable: trying to find a comfortable position to rest your head on a pillow in bed at night is almost impossible, and therefore causes many sleepless nights.

I was prescribed Arthrotec 75 [75mg diclofenac sodium/0.2mg misoprostol] which eases the condition somewhat, though you may require something a little stronger depending on the severity of pain you're experiencing.

I hope this answer has been of some help. Warmest regards from a fellow lung wheezer!

ah tomscribe,that may be the case here !

today i had a bone density scan

i get the results in visit to consultant on 5th nov

i have been to docs and hospitals all this week.

i have had visits to hosp for pre op assesment for an arthroscopy

i was offered a prosthesis but dont want to be unable to fly from spain ,where i live to london, for at least 8 weeks of recovery time needed

spondulitis has been mentioned on one of my med visits here

my brother lives in london and is at this minute in the brompton waiting for treatment with new oral drug for pulmonary fibrosis

he got married last weekend

he is very ill

i want to be able to go to him at short notice

I would blow you all a kiss , if i could !


pat x

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