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Do pets make us feel happy and relaxed?

Posted by JoNewton BLF 32 minutes agoEdit | DeleteGood Afternoon Everyone

I've noticed a few members have photos of their pets as their profile pictures, and people talking about walking their dogs.

I have a gorgeous 4 year old cat called Felix - we got him from a rescue centre when he was 6 months old (after being left in a box with his siblings outside the cat shelter).

I had had pets as a child but it wasn't until we got Felix that i remembered how relaxing and cathartic it is to stroke them and hear them purring.

Although when he is crying (to be let in) on the windowsill outside the bedroom window in the middle of night isn't quite so relaxing.

Does anyone else feel relaxed and comforted by their pet?



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I would love a cat Jo, and Felix sounds great. Why don't you get a cat flap & sleep soundly? Unfortunately I'm allergic to anything furry (and non-furry pets lack the strokeability-factor!) Maybe I should get a furry cushion instead, though they don't purr ;)

FF x


Unfortunately we have patio doors and apparently to have this done means a new door. We just have to time it so that he is hungry and wants to come in before i go to bed!

I garee though, non furry pets don't have quite the same attraction. My daughter has a 'onesie' from next which is incredibly soft and furry to stroke.

At least a cushion won't wake you in the night to come in and be fed though!

Best Wishes


Hi Jo, I couldn't be without my 3 dogs and now a new kitten!

In relation to your patio doors, you can indeed install a cat flap, I had one done in my old house years ago. It was about £20 more expensive for someone to come and do it but it sure is possible! Google it, I'm sure a local glass fitter could help.

Hope you're well


Hi Mmike

This is interesting - i thought we would have to have to have it put it if we had new doors put it.

I suppose the next step would be to encourage the cat to use it, knowing him he would still wait to be let in!

Thanks Mmike


Hi Jo, I have two big standard poodles who are in fact twins, they give me and my wife huge amount of pleasure and lots of fun. My only regret is I can no longer take them for walks but playing ball from my bench in the garden with my oxygen on makes up for it and keeps the girls happy. The only problem I have got , they always know when I am not well and innsist sitting in front of me both of them facing me and sitting still just staring at me, this gives my wife a good indication that all is not well At least I have 3 females looking after me so that cannot be bad. Oh yes they make you feel relaxed. I also have 3 cats with different natures my oldest is16 years old and she is a lap cat, loves to be stroked and seemingly it lowers the blood pressure as well. Cannot be bad.

Couldn't imagine life without my little yorkie and toy poodle. Mind you couldn't imagine life without my hubby who walks them for me!

I have a 13 year old Yorky Jack Russel cross, he only weighs 2.7kilos he had the last of his teeth taken out on Friday poor thing, he is hardly eating anything, which is not suprising so am trying to make some tasty food to encourage him. It is amazing when you pets are ill you are so busy looking after them you forget how rotten you feel sometimes.

He also has a heart murmur and dementure so he wonders around just staring at things for ages but mostly he is sitting on one of our laps

Love him to bits, so am going to make the most of him while we can.


Aw Polly your poor little yorkie. My wee Tina is 12 and has lost a lot of her teeth too. Felt so sorry for her when they were extracted. My toy poodle had some removed at the same time. Broke my heart watching them trying to eat afterwards.

Couldn't be without my two cats tigger and willow and four chipmonks love them to bits and great company as now on my own as daughter studying in USA.

Stroking animals has often been argued to show an improvement on mood'stress quality of life and that it lowers blood pressure during contact or stroking.

I Used to take an 'Animoble' of pet and farm Animals to hospices old peoples homes ect and was always amazed on what a possitive effect the Animals made on both the patients and the staff alike...

There is a charity called the Cinnamon trust' who can sometimes help out elderly or ill people and their pets as they think the realationship between pet owner and pet adds incalculably to quality of life. They can sometimes help with dog walking or when owner in hospital ect. just thought I would add this as may be helpful to someone?


As you can see from my avatar we have a dog, which my husband tolerates as he is a cat man, but our daughter who he goes to see every day has a cat which he adores. She is called Topsy and was 12 in March, he loves to stroke her which seems to relax him.

Haven't introduced the dog and cat but I'm sure if we did it would be the cat who caused the fuss. She is a house cat and doesn't tolerate other animals including other cats.

Hope everyone is keeping well and breathing easy.


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