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Do pets make us feel happy and relaxed?

Good Afternoon Everyone

I've noticed a few members have photos of their pets as their profile pictures, and people talking about walking their dogs.

I have a gorgeous 4 year old cat called Felix - we got him from a rescue centre when he was 6 months old (after being left in a box with his siblings outside the cat shelter).

I had had pets as a child but it wasn't until we got Felix that i remembered how relaxing and cathartic it is to stroke them and hear them purring.

Although when he is crying (to be let in) on the windowsill outside the bedroom window in the middle of night isn't quite so relaxing.

Does anyone else feel relaxed and comforted by their pet?



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We used to have a springer called Toby, I so loved having him around he was company that was important to me, we live in a lonely spot and I'm on my own some days, I would love to have him with me now - just the company.


Have you thought about having another pet? Perhaps one that dosen't need walking (if that is a problem).

Pets do help reduce isolation and loneliness.

I love watching them on 'You've Been Framed'.


Do pets make you feel relaxed? Lottie is my Prozac, without her I would feel so isolated, illness has stopped me from working, but having Lottie Dog keeps me connected with the outside world. And if I couldn't have another dog, I would have to have another pet rat, they really are highly intelligent creatures that can learn so much and kept me amused for hours when I used to keep them.

I have 5 cats my boys call me the mad cat lady. 3 of them are sisters Whiskers, Smudge and Chudleigh. Then I forgot to have them done so loads of kittens later I ended up with 2 boys to add to the mix. 1 from Chudleigh called Bimbo he is a great big tabby and Buster from Smudge. After the vet making a fortune from me we are quite a happy family. I wouldn't be without them, if I have a bad day and spend it in bed they all come and look for me. Yes they are great company.



oh my yes she makes our home feel home, and I would be lost without her

On my bad days she is by my side nuzzling in as though saying everything will be ok I am here

Companion Animal ownership has been Scientifically proven to be very beneficial.

Pet owners recovering from surgery, illnesses both physical and mental all benefit immensely.

P.A.T Dogs (Pets As Therapy) visit Hospitals, Clinics, Hospices, Care Homes and even Schools and they do make a BIG difference!


Ex CH. m.i,a.c.e (Institute for animal education)

Pets are brilliant and very relaxing. We got our Tessa (14 years old now) from the RSPCA as she had been found wandering along a busy street. Nobody came to collect her so we took her home with us (after all the checks etc.) She has been a lovely cat to have around and is very affectionate and lively when she wants to be. Pete and I think that as and when Tessa's life is over (shuddering at the thought!) we would like to take in 2 or 3 older cats maybe as nobody seems to want them. Dogs are great too of course but we are cat people. My sister has labradors though and they are beautiful. xxx

I have an older dog - Bengi, from a rescue centre (he is 9 now but still acts like a puppy when the lead is picked up). The companionship and the "hello's and mornings" from fellow dog walkers is always lovely.

I've previously had a pot bellied pig called Davey and a variety of ferrets (all rescues) along with 2 other rescue dogs from Freshfields in Liverpool all lovely pets and very much a part of the family. (Over a long period of years I hasten to add!)

I do belive that pets can offer comfort and compansionship and I wouldn't be without Bengi (altough trampling in the gale force winds and rain is not quite so enjoyable lol).

Good to hear your stories too.



I have an almost 4yr old cat named Harry. He is they joy in my life and manages to relax and comfort me anytime lm feeling anxious or sad.

I have had cats all my life and cant imagine not having one. Always happy to see you when you come home and their love is unconditional :-)


I love Bentley, my Cavalier, to bits - he is so clever and intelligent. He instinctively knows when I am not so good and lavishes me with love. I can no longer walk him so I pay a dog walker to take him out - costs me a fortune but he is worth every penny. He's getting on a bit now (10 years old) and has recently been diagnosed with a heart murmer - but hopefully with love and care he will go on for a few years yet.

I had 2 lovely dogs in my childhood. Funny how I could confide in them and... they listened with intent!

I am sure they understood tow words perfectly well: wlakies and biscuits!

Happy Christmas!

Oh yes - I had two American cocker spaniels who were so loving and made you feel wonderful when you came home to find them wagging their tales and making a fuss. Unfortunately we lost Skye last June (2012) she had a stroke, a horrible end for such a sweet loving little thing and we finally had to take Tasha to the vets this June, I have noticed that both my OH and myself are far more snappy than we used to be, the 'girls' used to jump on our knees and just holding them and stroking them made us relax in the evening when we came home. My OH always said how can you be bad tempered or miserable when someone is always so pleased to see you and shows such love and affection. Our house feels empty now - it's just that, a house and not a home. I cried so many tears over them and felt that I wouldn't have any more pets as I didn't want to feel like this ever again but now I miss them so much and the house is so empty that we have started to talk about getting another dog so we shall see......Julie

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