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Looking in it appears lung disease is going to need more support as cutbacks on the NHS reduce the money which is spent on all groups.

Ideas on how these funds can be raised when some are struggling with life is a problem in a harsh economic climate but something I feel sure will not stop it happening.

My own suggestion would be handy crafts that can be sold as Christmas presents but feel this will be surpassed by others.

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Hi Artiste

I think crafts is a brilliant idea - the Breathe Easy Group In Neath Valley sell knitted figures to raise money.

There is definitely a resurgence in home crafts and baking etc, i think people appreciate home made gifts more because of the thought that has been put into it.

It is difficult though to think of ways to fundraise when you're feeling so poorly though.

Best Wishes


I think who ever does fundraising/publicity for breast cancer has done a remarkable job. How good would it be if we could get a well known celeb to sponsor BLF and to champion our cause. This might already be happening, I don't know. Could we have some BLF balloon badges to sell if we haven't already. :)

i used to be a volunteer in a cancer research shop were i worked for 8 years untill auguest.when my c o p d caught up with me..i know they took anything between £1000 to £1800 per week just from cloths etc being donated,and only paid one wage out which was'nt much.. could'nt this be done.even if only now and again...kath.

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