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Positive vibes

There seem to be quite a few people who are a little down at the moment, possibly to do with the darker nights coming.

We are all different, but when I feel a bit low I try to think of the things I have that make me feel grateful and give pleasure to my life.

So for me it is that I have a comfortable, warm house with loads of books to read. Also a circle of family and friends who are only a phone call away.

Lynne x

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not just a phone call - online too!!! :)

I think you are right , this weather, the cold, (impending) chest infections are getting us all down.

even my get up and go has got up and gone !!!!! i really cant be bothered to do a thing.

funny the effect the weather can have :(

hope your "get up" comes back soon!

I agree Lynne, it seems old fashioned to "count your blessings" but it always works!

However, I also think a good wallow can do you good long as you don't let it go too far ;-)

I seem to have the same 'blessings' as you Lynne, and I try to count them every day.


*serious kerry now *

Yep - everyday i look at pictures of my family, both my sons are in good jobs, earning good money, 9 i raised them single handedly and think i did a good job) my granddaughters are so beautiful and ( thank god) are all now fit and healthy, each one growing up as a proud and forceful individual ( although grateful im not the one who will get called up to the school!!)

i can still laugh and joke and find ,even with some of the restrictions i have been forced to accept, i can be me!

i cant chase the kids in the summer anymore and find decorating impossible, shopping is now done online ( never thought i'd do that) but every day i thank my lucky stars that i have my family,friends and the people on this site.

As long as i don't feel alone i am happy.

And most of that is because of YOU!!!

The smiley with clapping hands does not work here, I just wanted to add some applause to that message.

did you have to get help with the shock of the serious kerry Gordon - bet you never knew she was tucked up inside my bra xx lol

I'm trying to refrain from commenting and making a boob... Oops :-o

Good advise ! xx


Positive vibes, sounds wonderful. Some great suggestions on how to keep smiling. When I get a little more organised I'll post some info on staying positive...honestly its on the to do list... lol

Again its lovely to have so much positive feedback.

Take care everyone.


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