Bye Bye

Could it be contagious

Could this be a side effect of C.O.P.D or the medications

seems to be a lot of it about, not many of us left soon at this rate

mental health week as well, we need to balance the illness with stability not confusion and stress

sorry but typing is hard for me

When we need support the most we get little hitlers restricting posts and banning members they call themslves moderators, more like storm troopers, little ceasers they are the rogues enabling a clique to post a load of toxic garbage


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  • am I missing something why is everyone leaving, if this site is such a support, then now is the time you all need it.

    Don't lose your way on your own, take us all with you

    I agree with the confusion and stress, I find this an illness I cannot always put into words

    and I have to say some of you have helped me do that

  • Don't leave trotter, might be the tablets. see yor doctor

  • Hi

    It's a myth - everyone isn't leaving. It's the last thing anyone should do - if they have benefitted from support in the past then all the more reason to stay. Perhaps take a step back - not post for a while or not even log on for a while. No need to leave.

    So everyone let's stop these posts about leaving - if you are having a tough time, just say, that's what this community is for!



  • Well said Mark.

  • Fully agree with you Mark

  • Me too read if you can not post a lot of us do that for support

  • Agree 100%

  • Well said Sir ,we can't always contribute for lots of reasons but it is so reassuring to be able to discuss common needs and issues.

  • Hi Iam Graeme 61 year old retired Police Inspector. Since retirement I have Angina, blood clot on the brain, MRSA, COPD, bronichalitis (spelling is wrong ) Now I am on Oxygen 16 hours a day Last week I had a cataract op only to find out the lens is slipped and I go under the knife this week. Why am I telling you this is quite simple, my heart consultant has told me that is I need major surgery for get it , it aint going to happen as you will die on the table. Graeme reply was thanks doc, there are two thing that you cannot give me 1 a STD and you cannot make me pegenant. We both had a good laugh. I was told by one doctoe that I had pnumonia and my reply was ah well it will keep the COPD happy it can have a new friend only for the doctor to say sorry COPD is in the left lund and this is in your right lung. My reply was a well lucky white heather. I find that getting through bad times always remember the good time and never loose your sence of humour. Hopefully it will work. It works for me. Good luck to all and if you keep smiling they always wonder whet the hell your up to.

  • it seems that a few people are leaving the site! why?

    At the end of the day we need each others support and advice,

    to be honest, without the support given by my lovely friends on here there are times i would never have coped.

    I have also been very fortunate to have made the most amazing friends on here .

    As most of you would have read i lost my job friday - knew it was coming but ignored it so it hit me hard, it was down to your support that i managed to cope over the weekend -

    can i suggest that if you are in need of a break from the site just have a break - dont leave - you never know when you need us and vice versa

  • I keep getting de ja veu

  • I kep getting de ja veu

  • Oh my, not deja vu again... ;-)

  • I agree with Mark. Most find this site helpful and useful. Many make new friends on this site. We are here to share our experiences. And to support each other if possible. But as with everything in life, we cannot please all of the people all of the time. Some will always have issues. And if this site is not for them. Fair play. They do not need to take part. This is not a mental health support site but for those with lung illness. Ok may sound harsh. But like many I am fed up with these almost daily prima donna pleads of 'that is enough. I am leaving'. Not everyone is leaving. Many enjoy this site. So please, those that do not want to take part and post anymore. Leave us that do to help others that also want to be part of the site.

  • In a nutshell, well said


  • Just stick to the people u relate to,the world is full of different people,but unfortunately some cannot even see their own eyebrows,..........lack compassion. So use it how you want to there will always be people that will be in low life States. We live in a noisy chaotic world where everything is based on greed n stupidity,so of course it's gonna effect a lot of people that do not understand the workings of life!!!!so stay and work through it instead of giving in to taking things personally when people are so ill they are very sensitive so being kind shouldn't be a problem, but they don't. Understand somtimes and take it to heart. Free your mind and expand it for your happiness !!!!

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