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Power to the People Scheme

Good Afternoon Everyone

I hope you are all well today!

There is an article today in the Dail Mirror about how individuals can group together to buy cheaper fuel through their council. See the article below for furthe rinformation.

Best Wishes


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Thank you Jo,

I'm as well as can be expected, can't complain

Any way to save a bit of money is welcome news, as I always say to my daughter, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

When I get my consumer savings in the bank I can set up an offshore account lol

I will also get the Dail Mirror for furthe rinformation.

best wishesArron


By the patients for the patients that is power for the people (whatever became of wolfie smith) does it need a revolution haha :D


Ah indeed 'Power to the People' Citizen Smith - what a great old TV programe.


A similar scheme was organised by pressure group 38 Degrees a while ago. They negotiated a deal for everyone who signed up to their campaign for cheaper fuel, many thousands.

It is a good idea, where a whole community bonds together and negotiates a deal to benefit everyone. There are rules and exceptions though. Everyone would be on the same tariff after the change, that means it cannot include people like myself with pre-pay meters for example.

I went into detail about this sort of thing at an event held in Doncaster by Caroline Flint MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. The event had many of the suppliers trying to persuade people to swap, helped by a chap from a comparison company, I think there was somebody from Which? there too.

It seems a bit ironic that a council would be able to set up a scheme for people who live in it's borough, to buy power from companies who took over the individual town supplies long ago.


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