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A word about SAD

I notice many on here also suffer from the seasonal syndrome, caused through lack of sunshine from September till March, SAD.

It is always at this time of year the symptoms kick in, and it can make your life miserable. Of course on top of lung illness, I have very severe copd, sometimes life can really feel like not worth living.

A few years ago while doing research I came across an article that explained most people with copd had a low count of vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin. And that by taking a supplement we could help to build up our resistance to many infections, meaning less exacerbations. Another advantage being if we catch a cold, it is not nearly as bad as it otherwise would be, and would not last so long. So I started immediately to take 5,000iu of D a day. I started in the last Autumn months and was suffering SAD quite badly. What amazed me was within a week, my Sad had gone, and I felt very cheerful. It was only after a few months I realised, that I did not suffer SAD anymore, after years of being miserable for half the year, and always dreading winter.

As I said this was several years ago. Since I have been taking a supplement of D, I have not suffered at all from SAD. Today, I feel as cheerful with no sign of SAD, or a dread of winter. Except of course from the point of cold days keeping me indoors because of the severity of my copd and humping an oxygen bottle around on the ice does not appeal.

This is just one I wanted to share. Supplement of D is very cheap and very effective. Makes no difference to me if you try it or not. But i expect like me, and friends of mine that have tried it after informing them of this effect, you may find it cures that problem. Just a pity it does not cure lungs eh:-) Breathe easy..

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You are quite right about the Vitamin D derrylynne, but also need the daylight to make it work in the body. So outdoor exposure during daylight hours or a SAD lamp are good to do.



no you do not need the daylight to make it work in the body Lynne. But of course daylight is good. I used to use a sad lamp. But have not for three years. Have not needed it since starting D. A bonus seeing as I take it to keep my copd stabilized. :)


I don't need any extra vit D as I spend most of the day outdoors. I think I'm addicted to fresh air! Rain or shine, I find a sheltered spot to sit and read, and a walk if weather permits. I know all the likely places in my area, and drive to wherever is out of the prevailing wind.

But in the winter I find my Lumie clock invaluable for the dark mornings. I set it to start about 45 minutes before I want to get up, and it's amazing the difference it makes to wake to a "sunlit" room. Even if I look outside & it's miserable, by then the effect of the light has got my day off to a good start.

FF x


Thanks derrylynne In what form do you take vit D and is it any particular chemist who stocks it please.


I get mine from Puritan Pride, always have. Not that I am endorsing any particular company. You can see the ones I have been taking for about three years or more at


Has anyone tried the light boxes for SAD. If you have which one did you find the best? I see that they have different light levels but I am not sure which is best make or light level to buy


Thanks for that derrylynne I will try the vitamin D. The dark weather really does get me down.

All the best for Christmas and new year.

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