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Bronchoscopy test !!!!!!

Hello, I would like some advice, input, regarding me volunteering to have a bronchoscopy to help with future research in to copd etc, I am now becoming a little scared after reading that 1 in a 1000 procedures can cause a lung collapse. Do you think I should go ahead with it ? I am being paid £200 pounds if I am allowed on to take the test. My main reason for doing this isn't for money but to learn a bit more about my condition as I will have to undergo various medical test before having the bronchoscopy. As anyone had this procedure done ? How did it go for you ? Any help would be greatly appricaieted

Kind regards


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I have had a couple of bronchoscopies no problems at all wish I had been paid £200 each time but was not offered. I am sure you will get lots more opinions.



I had one too and it was fine. You are awake (sort of) it's not uncomfortable, you can see your lungs on screen and you get 2 hours kip afterwards. £200 would have been well worth my time! Worst thing was the taste of the alcoholic banana anaesthetic! Much preferable to an echocardiogram!

Marie x


Thanks for you replay. So you would advise me to go ahead I guess.


Hi Wozzer can only tell you how it went for me. You must make your mind up yourself.



My husband had one and did not feel a thing, they gave him an injection to relax him. You will be fine.


As advised above you must make up your own mind about submitting to proceedures for reasearch, everyones experience is different. I am one of the unlucky ones who gets some adverse effect to this procedure. However reasearch projects do not always give you anymore info about the illnesses only the researchers get the results and some of the info is highly confidential.The risks should be explained to you before you sign agreeing to the procedure whether for research or diagnostic purpose. Hope this is of use to you Good Luck if you go ahead with it.


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