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Good service

I saw on the telly this morning that Squeeze where playing a series of concerts and they are one of my favoite bands, I looked up the tour on line and the nearest Venue is the Shepherds Bush Empire.

I checked out the venue on line and they said they had disabled facilities and to phone for details so I did, they where really nice when i explained that I would have difficulty with stairs and would need a seat, the lady put me on hold while she checked seating availability and came back and said she had reserved me a seat on the first floor balcony, there was a lift to get up there, entrance was 15 minutes before doors open so no need to rush about and......My carer goes free.

How nice to fiind a venue going the extra mile for the disabled, anyway that is my birthday treat as it is close to my birthday and I have had a pretty rough year.

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You don't mention when your birthday is Perce, but I hope you have a great time at the concert and I wish you many happy returns of the day :)


Have a lovely day Perce. xx


Thats brillant, you certaily "won't be left up the junction" on your birthday ha ha ,have a great concert :)


Enjoy.......whoever they are lol! Never heard of em!


are...........'I've come accross a desert to greet you with a smile, my camel looks so tired, it's hardly worth a while' prob got the words wrong, but my favorite squeeze track, straight back to my punk days, green hair and all, enjoy the concert perce, and happy birthday, let us know how it goes xxxx


Take me I'm yours.....Thanks everyone , the concert is not until 13 th December but really looking forward to it.


There is so much kindness around but we don't always realise it. I watched the programme on t.v. last night featuring Squeeze and it was excellent. Have a fantastic time Perce and early birthday wishes too. Stay well. xx

Take Me I'm yours is a great track.


That's fantastic Perce. My husband was born and brought up on Shepherd's Bush Road.

Lynne x


Well done that man good for you getting out and about already well planning it anyway. Did "squeeze" do Labelled with Love away way back or is what's left of my mind wandering again?


Yeh, Labelled with love is a Squeeze tune!

I have added dinner at Wahaca the Mexican restaurant to he day out now.


That's great Perce will be a great night and theres a lot to be said for the people at the venue relieving your mind with easy entry always half the battle when going out anywhere. That must be some operation you had by the way when you are able to plan going out already!

My brother incidentally hasn't had the full results of his scan the doctor told him that all

he had heard from the hospital was that his bronchial tubes were badly swollen with all the mucus. He's got a chest infection at the moment but he's still going to work as a scaffolder (yikes) because he doesn't want them to know what he's got. I hope he goes ahead with the operation and I know he will if they (the doctors) let him.

Be thinking of you on 13th December. Mine's on the 6th December (She unscrews the top of her new whisky bottle)

All the best!


Fair play to your brother if he is putting up scaffolds, I do window surveying and I had to have a 5 minute rest after climbing u to the second lift, hoping it will be better when I go back to work.

Shepherds bush sounds like "Some fantastic place" good fun playing with lyrics !


Hi again Perce a bit off topic but havent been able to leave the accounts work I do for my son to get back to you. I'm now told by my brother that he has been given supervisory work on his site so not really as hard as I thought though he is pretty sure a long hospital stay will result in his being paid off. I hope you don't mind if I ask you on his behalf what timescale would you imagine would be involved should it turn out to be a straightforward operation.

The biggest laugh is he is now kicking off that the consultant (he is the only one in Scotland that I know who has got a consultant at all and only because he pushed for hospital) hasn't come back to him personally. He got worse when I told him you'd seen your scan.

The doctor said its up to the hospital to follow it up with him. All he's had is a letter from the hospital to go for his spirometry test in April. I told him this is very possibly procedure before offering the operation but said I would ask you if this could be the case. I also told him you had a longer timescale because you had to lose some weight beforehand.

Thank you very much if you can find time to answer. I realise this is a long way off your blog. I have asked on the site a couple of months ago when I joined if anyone had had this op and got virtually no response so am very grateful for your info.


Hi Lavender,

Time scale wise I ended up in hospital last November and from there they made me a follow up appointment at the chest clinic at the local hospital where initially I had a CT scan late January and then I had to cancel an appointment as I had been in hospital in Spain so it was March when I saw the Consultant and he shows me the scans and said I needed a more specialised consultant at Windsor so I saw her in April and she referred me to Harefield for the operation so had to see the Surgeon initially to discuss it all then I had to have a VR scan where they inject radio active tracer into you and an inhaled one so that they can see the blood flow and air flow all in 3d and they decide what exactly they are going to do then they booked in the op, I also did a load more lung function tests, heart scans, blood tests , 6 minute walk test etc. the recovery period is 8 to 12 weeks, I am on week 6 tomorrow and I am feeling much better but still on plenty of pain killers,Manx I have picked up an infection again but got the meds sorted straight away. They might be able to do key hole surgery which is much less invasive so the recovery time would be quicker. Expect to be in hospital 10 to 14 days.

cheers ,



Thank you so very much Perce for your reply. You really have been through the wars with this and have borne it well. It will be of great value to him to know that things don't take place overnight and every individual being different he can work out his work concerns from there. Maybe now also he will leave me to get on with my (negligent in his opinion (joking_

mid to severe copd. Some family eh. Another one of my brothers also has copd though he is in denial about it but at least he is giving me peace, I am the big sister but luckily live a fair distance from them all!

Hope your pain killers are continuing to work for you but still cant be easy when you still have the concern of how you will make out at work. Thanks a million meantime.


I have been working in the office most mornings doing the accounts and invoicing to keep that side of my business going, I just can't sit around all day really. I drove my car on Saturday and that was OK so at least I can get about a bit now.


Didn't realise you were the boss Perce. Can't pay yourself off can you although my son- also self-employed - would say yes you can if you don't keep on top of things but thankfully you are back doing that already.

Many thanks again for all your very helpful information and roll on the 13th Dec. you'll really be back in the "swing" of things by then. Not a very good attempt on the play of words theme. I only know the one squeeze song but I know it word for word even to the extent of scarily having turned into the woman in the song!


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