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Can't seem to find any information about this can anyone help please?

When the pension age was 65 for men and 60 for woman any man between 60-64 could claim pension credits instead of JSA. Does anyone know if when I am 60 in just over a year I will be entitled to pension credits as I can't retire until I am 65.


Bev x

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Sorry Hypercat, I know nothing about this. I do know there is a website set up to explain the changes but I have yet to visit it. Hope someone comes along who can be more helpful.



It does not look good though. Auntymary

Can't sleep either hypercat, I believe it is curently 61 or if you where born before 1953. But try direct.gov.uk/benefits. Or which.co.uk/money/retguide/...

It may be a start, hope this helps. Try tomorrow, like me you should try to sleep.


Thanks Ruby have tried the 1st one. Will try the 2nd.

Bev x

Use the calculator: direct.gov.uk/en/Pensionsan...

I just checked mine and found out I've a year further to go, they've moved the goalposts and I would not retire until age 66 :-(

Thanks Gordon. Looked on that website and it looks like no pension credits for me until I retire aged 65 and 3 months. Can't believe how the age has gone up so much in so short a time.

bev x

HI Hypercat.

I asked someone who works at local government office to check when i will be eligible for pension tax credits.I am 59,60 in january.I was informed I will not qualify until i am 62 3/4 i.e nearly 63.They havent just moved the goalposts they have moved the bloody pitch xx

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P.S I am male xx

Oh i was born in January too. What date is your birthday? Looks like you will get pension tax credits at the female retirement age which is rising.

I can't get my state pension until 65 and 3 months. Looks like I won't get any pension credits until that date either......sigh

Bev x

Doh..I am female.

It links somehow to a woman's pension age whether you are male or female, but I can't remember the details. I'm sure that Gordon's link will help.


Follow the following link


Hate to put a damper on your hopes of pension tax credit, the new rules seem to veer towards everyone being classed as a pesioner at age 65 or older. I think the new regulations are so complicated that even the staff find it difficult to advise. Also for some pension rights you can get them from 60 onwards while other departments say 65. Lots of women are still retiring before 65, and receiving state pension but treated as of working age so loose out especially on income tax benefits. The motto is if in doubt claim!!

My own experience over the past 3 years is that "If you can or will be able to work before you are 65, you will receive JSA, otherwise, PC" I am male and have been receiving PC for 3 years due to severe COPD. Hope this helps.

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