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DLA for asthma

Hey all

Just wondering if you can help. Last year I submitted a claim for DLA as my asthma is bad enough that I need 2 different inhaled steroids per day, in addition to ventolin prn, and xolair injections.

This was turned down, and i've since been told I should have appealed but didn't.

I now have a nebuliser at home too since my last application. My work have allowed me to park in a disabled space as the walking was proving too much - having to stop every few yards to get my breath.

My question is do I have to put my GP down as my doctor providing the evidence as my GP rarely sees me when I'm really bad as I end up in hospital under the care of my respiratory specialist - and respiratory nurse (who I see two weekly for my injections anyway).

I have seen the previous posts of Fern - and just wondered if anyone had any recent info about claiming and or success?



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ring the BLF helpline and ask to speak to a benifits advicer.

for my own claim i ask them to look at there decision again, asking for the case papers, which i used to have the decision reversed in my favour. Appeals are not allways that easy or straight forward.


Thanks i'll try that next - but suspect i'll have to make a new application as it's been 8 months since last application.



We have a Benefits Adviser on the helpline today, who will be happy to go through any issues you have.

Please give us a call on 03000 030 555 we will always call you back.

Best wishes



Have read here many times it is not your condition but how it affects your ability to care for yourself and level of mobility. With Asthma it can change from day to day or hour by hour _ keeping a diary that showed how much time was affected by my Asthma gave me evidence that was used in the decision making process. The most important one to hear from is yourself sasy23 with an honest open account of the difficulties you face.

ps getting help is never a bad thing :-)


The short answer is NO. After my GP was less than helpfu I asked the DLA to speak to my consultant for verification of my condition and they did so.


I would use who ever knows you best for your Asthma (I am a Brittle Asthma Sufferer with DLA award for life, well that is until PIP starts), so if it is your specialist nure. or doctor then use them.


Hi I suffer from asthma as well as COPD. I looked under the DLA act and asthma was specifically excluded. However, if there is a combination of other illnesses such as asthma which are not separately covered, then there be an award of DLA made. So if you have asthma and say mild COPD you might find that they are not covered seperately but together they could be considered a disability. x


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