I'm back

Sorry havent been around, been having bit of a bad time of it lately. Think i managed to slip away without getting missed lol.

Has anyone had operations on their lungs? Was told by my doctor to be prepared to be told that i may need an op, not sure what that will entail. My copd has got worse now as i my last chest xray wasnt clear and to top it off, i have got this viral infection that everyone seems to have and i havent felt this bad since i had pneumonia a few years ago.

Hope everyone has been keeping as well as possible since i last spoke to you all.


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Sorry I can't help you but welcome back :)

thank you, good to be back, will be on and off with not feeling well x

Nice to see you back and sorry you've been away cos you havn't been to good. Don't know about the op, fingers crossed for you x

Thank you. Been on and off antibiotics and steroids, helping the kids, seeing to my mum's things. The chest xray is showing more signs of emphasema now, hopefully wont be long before i see a specialist x

Welcome back x

Nice to see you here.

auntymary x

thank you Val and auntymary x

thank you Val and auntmary x

Sorry to hear that san hope you feel better soon love xx

Hi San,

I had an operation on my right lung 5 weeks ago so am still in the recovery period of 8 - 12 weeks, I have written a few blogs on the operation and my recovery if you want to check them out as there is quite a lot of info. Have you had a CT scan yet?

Hi Perce, no i havent had a CT scan yet, still waiting to see specialist, it was just what the doctor warned me that i may have to have. I will have to take a look at your blogs if i can find them as i have been wondering what to expect if i need one. My right lung seems to be my weakest, thats where the infections seem to take hold. This last xray is the first one that hasnt been clear. How long were you in hospital for?

welcome back

thank you

Just had a bad dose of flu that I caught in the waitingroom at the surgery whilst waiting for thr flu vaccine.Feel bad and whyeezing all the time

hope you are better soon hecter, there is so much going around at the moment

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