Was captured

Got captured by AnE monday but got out before midnight.

Chest pains and lungs full of mucus and sats kept going from


Had bloods and abg grrrr Ouch!

ecg etc.

Still waiting see cardiology end if november.

Hate all the crap in my lungs and when wake up the first ten mins keep going be sick with all the mucus thats built up over night and end up with it all day.

Drinking water to try shift it and on water tablets but hate feeling sick with all the constant mucus buildups. :-(

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  • Oh dear poor you Airbags, things sound pretty grotty - literally ! I had blood gases taken four times the same day in hospital, one doctor just hadn't got the knack of doing it, he tried three times I had bruises half way up my arms. Hope they sort you out.


  • Know how you feel Airbags. I was thinking earlier that having a lung disease is an all consuming thing and with us 24/7. I am so sick of feeling like this, having to take it into account all the time, taking the meds and having side effects from them. Its never ending. I have forgotten what its like to have a "normal day" :(

  • Just get so puffed quick and tired.Dont drive so will try get a bus pass when seen cardiology.I work 6/7 hours a week.Just wish I havent got severe asthma and Menieres and be like i was like my twin who is ok xxxx

    Will get my face off the floor I promise.Just feel scared now its worse and hope that scary feeling goes away xxxx

  • I went and got myself an adjustable bed so I can raise it when sleeping to what I am comfortable with. That stops to a large extent the build up of all the muck in my lungs. Try to prop yourself up when sleeping, that will help you

    They must do the blood gases the old way for you libbygood. I have blood taken out of my ear. They warm the lobe first, then use something more akin to a staple gun to make a puncture to make it bleed. Enough blood to take the gases. A lot less painful then having it taken out the wrist.

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