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happy Wednesday

just thought I'd bob in and say "hello". This week so far has been a little challenging as I'm getting my head around my new drug regime....Its leaving me tired (or perhaps I'm just tired??) and headachy....bluergh!

went for Lung function tests yesterday...hubby not minding the long trip to Manchester so much as there is a Costa Coffee in the hospital foyer and a nice garden to sit in while he waits for me :-)

My Kindle broke on Sunday evening, but not to worry Amazon are sending me a new one...hopefully it will come today as I'll be in all day...what do you bet it will come tomorrow while I'm at the docs lol!! I was well impressed with Amazon..all sorted over a web chat!

Blood tests tomorrow...have to have them every week til my new drugs sorted..about 6 weeks...I'll have no blood left!!

There seems to be such a lot goinig on out there in the Bloggersphere...keep smiling everybody!!!

Breathe easy,

Mrs S xxx

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Good morning Mrs S, hope you are feeling less tired soon also hope your kindle arrives today.

Keeping fingers crossed your new drug regime goes well and the blood shows good when tested.

I am off to a breathe easy meet today, we have our community matron with us today, so no doubt she will be bombarded with questions.

Wishing you and all a great day easy breathing :)

zoee x


Hi Mrs.Shimmy good you are able get through so much you amaze and tire me out just at the thought of all the dancing and school and family stuff you manage. Might have to have a word with Amazon as not managing to set up my new kindle -I'm glad you posted this as it looks like they might be approachable. The trouble with me is I thought it would be a walkover to set up.

Have a good day!


Hope you feel better soon Mrs S, blood tests are a pain but once the drug levels are correct hings should get easier for you. Top service from Amazon, just got a few cheap books this morning so I have stacks to read on my Kindle now.


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