Hi I`m new on here

Hi,Everyone I`m new on here,but have been reading questions and answers for ages,very helpfull,I was diagnosed Sept 2011 with severe COPD had no prob until Jan 5th 2012 when I just couldn`t get my breath ended up dialing 999 they said at the hospital it was an exaserbation(not sure on spelling ?!!) I was given antibiotics and steroid tablets,was on them for a week then ok off them for a few days then unable to get my breath again so back on em,also three more stays in hospital,this went on until begining June then specialist decided maybe I had Asthma and COPD so changed some of my meds and put me on steroids again but then to gradually come off them, have been much better since,Went to PR which I found very good,have a very good BLF nurse but sadly she is leaving at the end of the month don`t know what I`m going to then as she has been brilliant,my GP`S are useless and resparitory nurses only see me for a short time after I`ve been in hospital,thats my story so far,I`m sure lots of you can relate to my story,it`s great to know there are people out there that have alot in common with my symptoms

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  • Hello, glad you are feeling much better,sometimes it feels like walking though a mine field,till you get the right meds and support for you,doesn't it .take care

  • Welcome Hopefull, so glad you have better meds now and have found some of the information on site helpful.

    Here's hoping you will find a replacement nurse for the BLF nurse that you get on so well with. As you are severe and have been in hospital recently you should be able to access the Community Matron through your GP, you may find this person very helpful to you and a good contact for the future.

    Good wishes zoee

  • hi hopefull, I think everybody has a GP that don't seem to respond to our problems, I'm lucky in the fact that I belong to a large practice and after doing the rounds with different Doctors I have fallen onto a good one that takes no chances, one day all Doctors will be this way.

    Look after yourself and make the Doctors work for you.


  • Hi and welcome x

  • Good Evening and welcome xx

  • Hello. Welcome to the site. xx

  • Hi just wanted to say welcome to the site as well.

    Bev x

  • Hello, you will enjoy this site - welcome


  • Hello and welcome :)

  • Thankyou all for your welcomeing messages,it makes me feel so much better to know there are so many people on here that care.xx

  • Hello and welcome.

  • hi im new too !!

  • One newbie to another Hi,pretty certain you will find this site a great help,I`ve been reading questions and blogs on here for quite a while then decided to introduce myself and think the response I got was great,hope you find the same x

  • Hello, Nice to meet you! I am sorry your nurse is leaving - it is such a worry. My husband has been quite ill on and off and seems to be once he starts with and excerabation it can go on and on for months. So having called out emergency doctors that prescribed the wrong drugs and made him even more poorly - I wrote out exactly what drugs he is on, the strength, the dosage, the anti-biotics that work, the steroids so that if we come across a doctor who hasn't seen him before I have it written down! Hope that helps. TAD x

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