2nd time at pr

went for my 2nd go at pr yesterday done bits an pieces on different machines for near a hour was tough had to stop freqently but felt really good afterwards problems stated early hours woke up in a bit of a panic short of breath had to use my inhaler throu night which is a first still feel like im not getting enough breath in at mo is this what they call a flare up took my inhaler more today than most days could this be due to the time at gym

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  • PR should not have this effect if done/supervised properly. Maybe it is the start of a flare up. Perhaps it would be better to check it out with your GP?

  • Good for you 2nd time at pr baxter1. What's your weather like today, murky? misty? damp, wet, raining? If so that is likely to be your problem. Exercise normally has a tendency to help the diaphragm area and in turn helps us breathe easier. Although there are cases of exercise induced asthma, if you are an asthma patient as well as having COPD, I would check with your doctor or respiratory team for best ways around this.

  • thanks for the replys weather sunny mild today yes i have copd/asthma crossover i will check with respiratory team about my exercise regime my time in gym was well supervised cant complain about that to be fair

  • Hi Baxter, I have just completed my 3rd session and I'm finding it really good,. The hardest part is doing the exercises at home and filling in the book. Hope you find it more manageable as you go along. :)

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