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COPD just diagnosed

Hi Everbody.

Just been told that I have COPD ,was taken ill back in July have been very frightened, worried and not very assured about the future. Since having numerous drop in centre visits out of hours, plus numerous different doctors seeing me prescribing a whole raft of different medications I have finally been seen after over 2 months by a consultant who appears to have put me on a more manageable cocktail of drugs.

I have to admit they seem to be working. Many more appointments to go. Lets see what happens!!

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Hi There

Being diagnosed with a chronic condition such as COPD can understandably be very upsetting. Hopefully the new drug regime will help which should help to alleviate your worries.

We have an excellent pack on COPD we can send out to you, we also have welfare benefit advisers, nurses and a counsellor.

Give us acall on 0300 030 55.




Thanks for the info.

I will Call soon.



The following link may assist in under standing.

the blf help line can offer one to one advice.


Thank you


Welcome to the site igeorgec2012.


Welcome igeorgec2012, getting the meds that work are going to make a whole lot of difference. So glad you finally got to see the consultant.

If the docs have not mentioned it yet, you need to get a flu jab and pneumonia jab, do phone the BLF helpline they can offer you loads more advice to help you through this period. Also from here on any worsening in your symptoms you need to act quickly and get the doc to listen to your lungs to be sure you are not getting an infection.

Wishing you good luck with all your tests and results.


Hello george. I too was diagnosed this year and it was a bit of a shock.

Can I suggest you take Jo up on the offer of the BLF information pack, especially the DVD and you will see how it is a condition that can be managed quite well.

Lynne x


Thanks for all of your help.

This is great at least I don't feel quite so isolated now.


Hi george and welcome to the site. Finding out you have a lung disease is a hell of a shock and I don't blame you for feeling scared.

Fortunately there is a lot you can do to keep yourself healthy - you have already done the hardest one which is giving up smoking. COPD is a progressive disease but with the right kind of treatment and looking after yourself you can slow the progression right down. There are many people in their 70s and 80s who are as fit as anyone else withoud a lung disease. So keep your pecker up and try not to worry so much. We all understand here.

Bev xx


Hello everyone,i've just been told i have emphysema which surprised me because i gave up smoking 11 years ago, and like George i'm a bit fearful of the unknown,i'm waiting for a hosp appointment for a ct scan because i have a persistent cough,i didn't know about the flu jab as i would of asked my doctor as i've a stinking cold at the moment.


Hi Carol

The trouble is with copd it creeps up on you over a long period then suddenly bites.

Important that they get the diagnosis right and prescribe the best medicines for your condition.

Good luck


Thankyou George x


hi i only found out reacently i have copd i dont know much at all about it i will ask for pack for myself might help to understand hope you get help too


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