Hi Folks, , any views on the following please -

- have just returned from my weekly Pulmonary Class, where we do exercises for an hour - now I feel very "WEEKLY " !, anyway, someone suggested durIng the break, that EATING PAIRS - OOPS, - (have I spelt that fruit fight ?) helps when you feel breathless - ! -anyone heard of this one before ? - all of us with C.O.P.D. will no doubt try most things if it helps, I often think that Nature has its own " Medicines", so will give it a try and see what happens ..... endless thanklies for any advice offered. - Vittorio.

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Hi Vittorio

I haven't been able to find anything concrete, but the following article does list research into the health benefits of pears and lungs.

It may be useful to look at this research, where it was conducted, were there any trials on people, who funded the research etc.

I think also the link is for USAPears which may well be an industry backed website. Unfortunately i haven't been able to find anything in the UK that appears to validate this.




Apples are supposed to be good for lungs too

There was some American research that shows apples and pears as being beneficial in reducing the risk of strokes. In Singapore a study showed that non-citrus fruits, like apples, pears and grapes, "...were independently associated with reduced cough with phlegm..." (http://ukpmc.ac.uk/articles/PMC2708141/)

Apples also feature in this article: orchardworld.co.uk/action/h... - "... eating apples could improve lung function and reduce the risk of respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) due to antioxidants present in apples ..." - but then again, Orchard World may be a little biased ?

Apart from that there's the usual advice on your five-a-day, oily fish and dairy products.

Hi vittorio This could very well be true. I came off a long haul flight at the start of the year and was sure that I was sent for -wanted to die hadn't even stopped smoking at that point as still in denial about my illness but didn't even want to smoke either, nor eat nor drink.

Thought I'd better get back to life as we all do (cling on by our fingernails at the bad times) and sent a good friend who turned up to see me for oranges, green grapes and soda water. All I had for the following ten days. I don't know where the longing for these things came from but they worked.

hi i eat pears all the time ive not noticed any difference i also drink pomegranite (?) juice thats supposed to be good for all sorts of things havent noticed any difference with that either but never mind i like them both and they are both fruit so are good for me anyway sandra

Orchard World biased about the wonder of apples Gordon - never !

Try the pears. If it works that's good. If not? You have enjoyed some fruit. It is a win-win situation.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, will a pear keep him away for two days ?

you are so funny Gordon as well as so helpful

I don't know about apples and pears but a small article in the Health section in today's Daily Mail ,' Sardines may ward off lung disease' states that they (fish oils) " ... have an anti-inflammatory effect. This could aid patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)" It also mentions that "... 900,000 Britons are diagnosed with COPD every year" . Unbelievable - and I'd never heard of it until four months ago!!

Hi terri-rose that is one scary statistic- i am a queer old age and I hadn't heard about it either until diagnosed 5 yrs ago - I hardly even bothered about it then but taking in all the info thats going now thanks to this forum - so sardines on toast tonight!

Ha, ha Gordon, I 've just got your joke about the doctor and the pear. WAKE UP, Terri !! x

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