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I too am dreading winter


every year spring summer or winter have suffered and suffered with coughs and bad chests (had pneumonia as a child) earlier this year diag with copd Last year was worst ever eventually diagnosed with pleurisy after many months on anti-biotics used to go shopping with my daughter who said I was embarrising saying I must be allergic to shops (change in temprature) besides been in agony most of the time even a few years ago my middle daughter said I wouldn't be coming to her wedding if I carried on coughing like I was lovely after I had made her dress & 5 bridesmaid dresses did the table decorations wrote in itallic all the staionary and paid for cake cars stationary flowers and I am my own people just dont understand that yo u cant help it and maybe we should all wear tags saying your coughs and sneezes could kill us

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Hi Mackern

I know what you mean about people coughing or sneezing around you. I freak every time. If you want to boost your immune system you should be taking a multi-vitamin plus a 5,000 IU Vitamin D and 1,000 mg Vitamin C each day. I have been on oxygen since 2006 and have only had one cold that amounted to anything. It is vital to take these supplements if you are prone to lung problems.

kimmy59 in reply to copdliving

Hello Mackern

Where is the best place to get the vitamins I've looked on the usual sites it's a bit confusing.


lavender1 in reply to kimmy59

kimmy hi I don't take many colds but have taken one daily Wellwoman for women over 50 vitamins available at Boots and sometimes superdrug and normally just Lemsip if I get caught out by not buying the vitamins on time.

The over 50 type are more expensive than the standard wellwoman depending on your age and gender of course! My son who is one of those annoying superfit people has taken Wellman for many years and swears by them for the immune system for any of the men reading this.

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The Vitamin D3 I get are ebay.co.uk/itm/190576289787

kimmy59 in reply to Gordon57

Thanks everyone I shall get some.


Here's something that works if you feel yourself coming down with a cold. This only works if you do it within the first few hours of coming down with it.

STOP A COLD IN 3 HOURS?? Yes - it's true. From Prevention's Book Healing with Vitamins

Take 2,000 mgs of Vitamin C an hour for 3 hours the first sign of cold symptoms. Usually the cold is gone by then. (Writer's note: I never got past the third hour). If it's still not gone, take 1,000 mgs an hour until it is.

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Great Advice copdliving and I am so sorry you are struggling so much with the breathing mackem xxxxxx


Our children do not understand what a COPD or any other lung problem sufferer goes through. My sons are the same, when I tell them their dad is back in hospital with pneumonia all they say is 'not again'.

They never, ever have to do anything for us, they never ever offer to sit with their dad for a couple of hours whilst I have time to myself. I am my husbands 24/7, 365 days per year carer. They have the cheek to ask us to child-mind though, so I am now putting my foot down, if they don't help us we don't help them. We have not seen or heard from one of our sons for three weeks, even though we have texted him. I got a 'phone call about 4 weeks ago asking us if our wills were up todate. Our other son popped in for l/2 hour on Sunday. I have just had a CT Scan on my body as I have lost 2.1/2 stones in 8 weeks. Not one of them asked how I had gone on.

If your daughter won't let you go to her wedding. Change your will and leave her nothing.

Kids are so damned selfish.

sassy59 in reply to Hidden

I read your blog with some sadness sweetthing and I think maybe it is time to call a family meeting, sit your sons down and explain absolutely everything to them. Don't leave anything out and see what they have to say afterwards. I am Pete's carer too and have 2 sons and 1 daughter. The youngest (nearly 30) still lives with us and can be selfish but does try to help out as much as possible, our daughter is round the corner and our eldest son 10 minutes walk away. They can all be selfish at times but I make sure they know exactly how their dad is doing and they always ask after both of us. Pete goes into hospital from time to time and everyone rallies round to do whatever they can. I do think that sometimes kids just do not realise how bad things are or are in denial themselves so sit them down and don't hold back. I hope that things improve for you and your dear husband. You can only do what you can so don't run yourself ragged over your kids. Take care and hope things improve very soon. Thinking of you. xxxx

Anyone with copd or any breathing problems has to take care all year round and families should know that. You cannot help coughing just as my hubby can't either. Those close to us know this and accept it. I do hope your daughter thinks about the hurt she has caused and apologises. You look after yourself and take care. People just do not understand what it is like to fight for breath unless they are ill like you and others. Take care. xxxx

Hi Mackem,

I understand your problem with shops etc; temperatur wise and other people's sneezes and coughs. They do not realise they could give you a life threatening illness from their dirty habits, why can't they use a tissue ?

Your daughter's on the other hand, need to made aware of your health issues, they need to understand COPD - before they can accept you in the way you are now.

If it were me, (cos I know I would forget half the relevant issues anyway), I would provide each of them with any pamphlets and info you can get your hands on. Then sit down and go through them with your daughters, either together or apart. If they have their own pamphlets they can also take them home and MAYBE look at them again.

It is only through understanding that we learn to get along, so give them the means to gain the understanding, if they chose to ignore the information you give them, then they truly are selfish, then there's little hope of a meaningfull relationship with them. Harsh but true.


I am soooo scared of winter! My husband has been so ill in the past. Booked for flu jabs next week, had the pneumonia jab and on high dosage vitamin D(3) - now its time to cross fingers! The recent cold weather has had a dreadful effect, he could hardly breath on Saturday but seems to have adjusted a little now. Has done so well really through the summer, I had forgotten what an impact the cold weather can have and how nervous winter will make me and how terrified if anyone so much as sneezes in the same room! TAD xx

oh my love, this is so sad , children can be so unkind, but remember "what goes around comes around" tell them to not be ignorant and to read up on copd, BY THE WAY , I,M DREADIND WINTER , HAS ANYONE ANY REALY GOOD TIPS ON ANY ANTI VIRAL [HERBAL] PRODUCTS PLEASE??? LOVE TO ALL JUDE AKA BANNER

oh my love, this is so sad , children can be so unkind, but remember "what goes around comes around" tell them to not be ignorant and to read up on copd, BY THE WAY , I,M DREADIND WINTER , HAS ANYONE ANY REALY GOOD TIPS ON ANY ANTI VIRAL [HERBAL] PRODUCTS PLEASE??? LOVE TO ALL JUDE AKA BANNER

oh my love, this is so sad , children can be so unkind, but remember "what goes around comes around" tell them to not be ignorant and to read up on copd, BY THE WAY , I,M DREADIND WINTER , HAS ANYONE ANY REALY GOOD TIPS ON ANY ANTI VIRAL [HERBAL] PRODUCTS PLEASE??? LOVE TO ALL JUDE AKA BANNER

Hiya all,

hope you're all feeling well. just wanted to add some perspective from the other side if I can. My Dad has COPD and I totally understand how ill he is and can be when he has an exaserbation. i'm getting married in December and wouldnt even consider not having him there because of his coughing!!! that's a real insult :(

I see my parents almost every day and always ask how things are. i try to stay away if i've got a cold though, and my brother's the same. i really think that you need a family meeting because your children cant understand just how serious the illness is if they're treating you that way it's so unfair :( I feel blessed for every day i have with my dad and dread the day when he wont be around any more so I dont take any time for granted. He's still very able and mostly his condition is under control with meds and nebulisor but we nearly lost him earlier this year, he spent 2 weeks in intensive care with double pneumonia and we were there every day with mum to see him and wouldnt have had it any other way.

I do hope your children come round and see things how they really are and start visiting and helping out some more - love you all x

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