Hi everybody thought about time i added a photo,that was took about 18months ago on holiday,and to say a proper Hello. i dont dress like that all the time rather be in my jeans.have felt alot better since being on this site,you all seem in the same boat and understand how each other feel which is just like to say all the best to you all...(kath) evo1510.

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  • hi, I dont dress like my pic either lol, it was taken 40yrs ago on our wedding day,

  • I used to dress like my photo but got fed up with people giving me funny looks! :-)

  • ahahhahahahahahhahah. xx

  • ahahahahahahahahahah xx

  • Mine isn't a photo. It's a Mobius strip, or infinity.

    Lynne x

  • Hi Kath, you are looking good :)

    Glad you are feeling better and all the very best to you too.

  • Just added a photo of myself, darts at the ready lol.

  • Dont we change when we not well.

  • Look 50 years older now.. Think i might change my picturr and put my dog on instead..

  • Evo1510 you look good, i am 43 look like 63 lol

  • Hi radioman - I've just left a comment for evo and saw your message. You have a nice photo too!! ha ha x

  • Thanks for the complement made my lot on here are great people keep smileing moto is lifes too short to be matter what age you lol lol lol.

  • Hi evo, you have a very lovely photo. You don't look your age. I couldn't put my pic on - I might scare the children!! ha ha . x

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