Brittle Asthma type two getting me down

Hi all I am new to this site so hope I am doing thing correctly and posting in the right places if not I do aplogise I have Brittle Asthma type two and it has been getting me down for a while now the last straw was when I walked into A&E but woke up 6 days later in ICU thats how fast I can go down hill I also suffer with mental health and other physical problems to please tell me and be honest am I just been selfish for been angry and upset that my life revolves around ICU HDU and Resp ward I worked for 16 years and loved my job now I am the one who gets looked after at 35 but feel a 105 I am on max treatment so it is a case now of see and treat me on admissions and hope that it aint a long stint and a hope and a prayer that I do not go to ICU or HDU first in my local NHS hotel take care and hope I have not offended anyone xxx

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  • So sorry you are so ill I hope you are soon feeling a bit better both physically and mentally. You are not being selfish you have every right to be angry. I wish I could help but we all must try to find something positive in our lives and cling on to that when we feel down. I really do hope you improve soon. Take care and try to stay positive.

  • Well you certainly have not offended me. This is the place to offload. I don't have any of the things you have but can still empathise. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi I have brittle asthma,mine started at 17 out of the blue,like you i was in and out of hospital for many times,i think 1 year i was in there longer than being at home,but the reason i am replying to you is,to say it can and does settle down,not go away but hospital admissions can be a lot longer apart,i.m 51 now,and i totally understand your anger,and they are working on new meds all the time ,please try not to let it control you,because then it will make you very bitter,i use to think of all the other things that people have to live with,like being blind,never too see the sun rise or fall,or deaf and never to hear music or your loved ones voices,then it made me realize to live life to the best that i can,take care you will get though this

  • Hi Poeticlady

    I am sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. I would encourage you to ring the helpline on 03000 030 555. Sometimes when people have difficult asthma and are managed frequently on an emergency basis the basics are overlooked and its often worthwhile doing a reasssement, which we would be happy to do for you. Also the BLF has a counsellor onsite if you wish to talk through some of your anger issues.

  • Hello VickyBarber,i,m ok( i think lol),i was replying to Kerry-Anne's post,trying to offer support,as i know how hard it is to find the strength to carry on,but many thanks too you,

  • Thank you all kindly for your replies and support trying to cheer up as that sets lungs into strop mode when feeling low just have to wait and see how things go with me from now on xxxxxxx

  • Hello, I am also new to this forum. My three year old daughter had brittle asthma and we spent a lot of time in hospital with very sudden frightening attacks. About 7 months ago, I bought a machine called IQ air which filters the air in her bedroom and she has not had an attack since! I can't be 100% confident the machine has changed things but I am pretty sure it has as she wouldn't have grown out of it that quickly. I just wanted to let you know just in case it would help as I know how difficult it was for all of us.

  • Hi Kerry-Anne. I have been Asthmatic for yonks. I am on EVERYTHING! for my stupid chest. I have steroid -induced vertabral collapse (been on steroids for years too). I went into to have my monthly Xolair jab last month. I told the Resp Nurse I'd been up gunk off my chest for a while. When she checked my Peak Flow it read 200 instead of my usual 370. Anyway she rang A and E. Then I got wheelchaired down there. Between the Resp Nurse seing me and the Doc at A and E seeing me, I deteriorated chest-wise,. got whisked into Resus, then the ITU bods were called. After they had pumped Corticosteriods and Magnesium(?) into me they decided to ventilate me. What people, who dont suffer from life-threatening asthma, don't realise how debilitating and mind numbingly boring, is it to to be constantly checking and oredering medications from the chemist. Steroids themselves,help to keep the lungs open, but they also affect depression (no helpful if the patient is prone to mental probs anyway). Kerry-Anne you are not on your own. Take care

  • I read yr post, i was diagnosed with Brittle two Asthma over 12 years ago. i do emphasis you are so young and it can be a bit scary and out of yr control. i have stints like yrself. Just to say to you be under a chest specialist number one priority. number 2 take yr preventors and if yr nebulising like i do 6 times a day have them at yr hand upstairs ad one set downstairs. drink water after taking yr inhaler it l stop you getting a sore throat. if when yr going out keep a scarf covering yr mouth so you dont get cold air into yr lungs and start an infection. i get my meds reviewed abt once in two years by the chest specialist. keep away from busy shopping centres at the busy times in winter when theres so much infection. you can get around everything. just plan. do what makes you happy chat to good friends have a laugh i watch Fools and horses , my weird sense of humour. Every yr these briliant Scientists develop new drugs. i just wishyou so many good wishes. contact me if you wish.Maureen

  • This is the right place but I recommend going to asthma uk community too

    I'm on here and there

    I have Asthma not that badly though but I am struggling

    And it's not selfish to be angry about a condition that won't get itself under control

    I'm 16 and I feel like an 80 yr old when I get breathless from walking up the stairs and slips and sometimes even just doing plain nothing

    I wake up every morning breathless it is hard to feel the way we do no matter the severity

    Good luck on your asthma journey i and the healthunlocked community will be here whenever you need it

    Read some of my posts you will see I'm struggling and mine isn't brittle or as bad as yours but it's difficult to get under control atm

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