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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service

Hi everyone,

After 3 months of waiting for my Pulmonary Rehabilitation referral, I have just received this letter:


Dear Sir,

We have received a referral asking for you to be considered for the Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme. This is a programme which aims to help you with your breathing, reducing your breathlessness and helping you to walk further and is run in different locations across the borough.

Unfortunately we have had to temporarily close the service due to staffing problems. The programme will be up and running again in February 2013 and so we will be in touch with you as soon as we are able to after that date. There will unfortunately be a list of people waiting to join the programme so it may take us a while to contact you with an appointment.

We apologise profusely for the delay and look forward to being in contact with you in 2013.


Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team


I am absolutely appalled by this letter , this would mean I have had to wait 8-9 months for this referral - and that's only if they got touch in February, which is very doubtful after reading the content.

I can only assume this is because of budget restrictions, and somebody's opinion that PR is the soft option for culling, as COPD patients don't really matter all that much.

Or am I being too pessemistic, and Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny really do exist !!!

Please somebody tell me I'm not going mad, and that this letter really is a joke !!!

Take care everyone

Dave xxx

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Oh Dave, how disappointing to say the least. Not that it will you any comfort but my dad had to wait 9 months before he got accepted onto rehab so you are not alone. I think it just goes to show how many people have lung conditions and there are clearly not enough staff in all areas to deal with the volume. But I must say I do take humbridge at your reference of Father Christmas...........he better be coming through my door on the 25th December or else.......I don't have a chimney lol!


That's unfortunate Dave, I had to wait 6 months for my course way back when they were all running, patient demand etc. Hope you get a place in Feb 2013. Good Luck with the place. Actually there will be a plus waiting till after Feb 2013, the weather is usually at its worst in Feb, there are still quite a lot of bugs about in Feb. Hope all works out just right for you. Keep warm and keep well. To tide you over check BLF's dvd Living well with COPD.


Dave, you could try contacting the feedback/complaints department of your hospital, badger your GP, contact your MP/councillors, contact your local newspaper. It may have some impact – but don't hold your breath!


Ah what a shame - not good enough!


Hi Mudshark

This must be so frustrating - Pul Rehab has been shown in clinical trials to be very effective and it is well known that exercise is one of the best treatments to COPD.

The BLF has BLF Active Instructors in certain parts of the country - if you can call us on 03000 030 555 we can see if there is an instructor in your area. Alternatively you can access our website

scroll down on the page and on the right hand side there is a section called 'In your Area' enter your postcode in to the search box - it will then bring up any services in your area including BLF Active Instructors.

BLF Active can be used for people before pulmonary rehab and afterwards. If you would like a copy of our COPD dvd please call us on the above number and we can arrange to send this out

Best Wishes



Awe mudshark I am really sorry to hear this. It must depend on where you live I think.

My appointment came through very quickly and assess should be today. One of the nurses rang me at the end of last week to remind me and I had to inform her I had a nasty infection and a high temporature. She asked me to 'phone today if I was still unwell, which I had to do as my temp was still spiking and lungs very sore. Physiod out. What a shame you could have taken my place mudshark. Will have to wait quite a while I think before another appointment, but then I have waited 64 years so another few months won't matter.

Is there a 'phone number on the letter where you can hopefully get further info.

Hope you don't have to wait too long.

Good luck



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