Another sunny day, another day at the beach

Well what a glorious day again yesterday wasn't it? So, like last week, we all went to Porthcawl again only this time I had my two little uns as well. I was nervous, not because I was the one to push dad in his wheelchair but it meant my mum had to push Leah in her pram and my mum isn't in the best of health either and Leah is a very lively 2 year old. So how did it go?

Brilliant. My girls wanted to hit the beach naturally but I wasn't prepared to leave mam n dad sat at the top while we disappeared so I found a solution......I used the slip road that the tractors use for getting up and down the beach and dropped em all off at the bottom and then did the same to pick em all back up. We found a lovely spot shetered from the breeze and basked in the sunshine. Dad watched his grandaughters play in the sand and loved every minute of it. We had a nice picnic there and many hours later we had a wander around the shows before parking up to enjoy panaoramic views of the sea......whilst eating fish n chips!

Super day....................thanks to my wonderful family. And to's all for you, love you xxx

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  • Glad you had a good time tanyamarie.

    Its been sunshining here but I've been feeling oh sooo cold today, we have a rainy week forecast ahead. So glad you made the most of your sunshining days. :)

  • thanks hun

  • its been wonderful sunshine here and I think I did too much and now ready for bed..

    Pleased you enjoyed the day, and how wonderful for Grandad to enjoy his granddaughters playing in the sand :-)

  • he did enjoy jackie50, thats the trouble though, you enjoy urself and don't realise you overdo it. Grrrrrrr!

  • we decided to go for a walk with the dog, grab the weather while it was here, I pushed the wheelchair and despite shouting mush several times the dog didn't pull, just kept getting under the wheels and stopping for a wee, just as i was tempted to sit her in his lap she stuck to the side and walked nicely, obviously all peed out and fed up of getting her toes run over. it was very pleasant, the seaside would have been nicer but never mind, who knows how many nice days like today we have left this year. xx

  • ur right amagran, glad you and Richard went out too. The lady from St. Davids Hospice Foundation went to see dad today and is now asking the doc to put him on MST tablets. She said it would open up his airways constantly rather than just when he has his oramorph if you know what I mean. Will check it out in work Wednesday but anything that helps because he is declining by the week. The lady from the hospice said her dad has puolmonary fibrosis too so at least she understands from a personal perspective, although sad for her.

  • I had a lovely day. Felt much brighter after my little procedure on Friday so headed to Brunton Park for a testimonial match. Was lovely to see all the old players back at the club! The sunshine was glorious and it just seems to lift everyones mood doesn't it?

    Marie x

  • U are quite right MarieWF, the sun is so therapeutic......I'm sure I was meant to live in the Carribbean lol! Glad it made you feel better xx

  • So glad you had a nice day the weather makes such a difference we had sun too and we went to the Botanical Gardens it was really nice had coffee and cake but no fish and chips ! Take care. :)

  • ooh coffee and cake sounds good to me...............glad you had a nice time too and you take care also x

  • Brilliant :) xxx

  • It was Val, how are you today hun?

  • Will see the consultant hopefully today x

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