haemophilius influenzae

I have had this bug now for some time ive had varies antibiotics but the doc said ive not had a course long enough.Can this be the case.Im on doxycycline at the moment for 21 days to try and see if this will get rid of it.I am tired all the time with this bug just want to know if this is normal and how long before my strengh is likely to get back up.i do have copd so i know it will take longer.Any knowledge wouls be great cause its driving me nuts

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  • hi Kay

    Sorry you are having problems with the dreaded HI. From Christams I had HI infections and had 2 week courses of amox and doxy (which from samples cultured the hi was sensitive to). However after 2 days or so of finishing a course I was back again with puralent gunk and high temp. Even doing all I could by nebulising more regularly and doing more physio I couldn't get on top of it. The only thing which helped in the end was 1gm amox for a month followed by doxy followed by Clarith,

    So yes I totally agree with your doc regarding the need for higher and longer doses of abs. Presently I have high temp and puralent gunk again and I would not be surprised if the culture comes back as HI. My cons started me off straight away on high doses as I just happened to be at his clinic when the infection was defo brewing.

    I hope the abs kick the little horrers into touch for you and you get some of that energy back and feel much better.


  • hi Sue, we must have written answers together-- ha xx

  • Sorry you are feeling so bad Sue, did your cf bronch cons say anything about inhaled ab's for this ?

    su xx

  • hello Kay, I get this bug too. I have bronchiectasis and am able to clear the infection with "lung draining" at least 3 times a day. there is a simple device called an acapella to use, it is suitable for copd too.

    my lab report shows Haemophilus influenzae is sensitive to Tetracycline, Clarithromycin and Amoxicillin.

    sometimes, I do not use any antibiotic, just the lung draining every day till it goes.

    must say, I take a pint of "raw green juice" every day as I believe this is my best defence, save antibiotic treatment for when I am very unwell.

    hope this helps,


  • Zube what does raw green juice consist of?

  • hi polly,

    today my juice was 3 curley kale leaves, 2 apples, 1/4 pineapple, 3" cucumber, 3 sticks celery and slice of root ginger, all this must be "raw" for the live enzyme which boosts imune system.

    I have been taking raw juice for 3 yrs and feel better each year, before this I was very ill with infections which needed more and more antibiotics.

    I also use food combining which has completely stopped acid indigestion, even though I have a hiatus hernia which was caused by coughing years ago.

    hope this helps.


  • I too have the dreaded HI. Had long and short courses of antibios but it still comes back.I am so fatigued by it. I too would like to know what raw green juice is. I will try anything once lol.

  • Hi Zube

    As you know I do the raw green and fruit juice, a tip which came from you. Thank you and thank you for asking re this infection X I think it's amazing you can keep it at bay without resorting to abs.

    When I have signs of infection I step up my nebulsing (a bronchodilator and after saline either 0.9% or hypertonic 7%.) I also do physio (postural draining with percussion and shakes whilst also using the acapella) much more frequently.

    However there comes a time when the gunk is so puralent and filthy and temp so high it takes me all my time making a cuppa never mind juice. Then the only solution for me is abs. My temp is now just spiking. No my consultant didn't suggest inhaled abs, Zube nor I'm glad to say did he suggest IVs. He did think earlier on in the year I was probably colonised with HI, so I expect it to rear its ugly head at times. I won't take any chances of another infection damaging my lungs further.

    Ingy - If you have bronch low dose short courses of abs are of little use. I guess you must have sent in a sample to know it's HI and so the abs must have been the correct ones, as with me, but it is very important bronchs have longer higher doses. Not sure what doses you were on, but if you are no better I would consider going back to docs. Kay's doc is right.

    Good luck.

    By the way Zube by coincidence there is a thread on BRUS at present about green juice.


  • thanx cof, will have a peep at BRUS.

    I do feel for you with that temp and know you will be doing all that can be done with the pd, tis exhausting and you do need ab's. hope you overcome it quickly.

    I used to be like that until I until I used a small space of time between ab's to take juice and food combine, also extra vits and walks in sun, could hardly walk then !

    I don't know much about inhaled ab's but because they do not pass through the digestion, they won't knock out our good gut fauna ?.. we want the infection killed but the damage oral ab's do to the gut and imune system is enormous, they use up all our b & c vits too.

    ab's seem fine for the "normal" people but us with lung probs get them flung at us continually. we must stick together and bring attention to this problem.

    heard on radio 4 recently.... if one of us spits at them they can wipe it away but if we all spit together we can drown the b*g*******s !.. oops, not so shy now, sorry bout that everyone.

    su xxx

  • I now get probiotics on prescription. Always good to use probiotics whilst on antibiotics, obviously not taking them at the same time!!!!


  • I am interested to hear that you're getting probiotics on prescription because they're costing me a lot of money! I couldn't manage without them as I'm on azithromycin. Last time I had an exacerbation I thought what's the point of taking these while on ciprofloxacin, I'll not take them until I'm off the antibios. Big mistake - very sore tum followed by bleeding. I started the probios again very quickly!

    Would you mind telling me what you take and which area/ health authority you come under, please?

  • Thanks Cof. I have emphysema and a little bronch..thats what consultant said. Yes I regularly put samples in. Will try the raw juice. Thankyou .

  • It was my new pharmacist who when I asked about which he thought was the best pro suggested I should get them on prescription as I have to take a lot of abs. There is only one you can get on prescription and you have to keep them in the fridge, so I still buy them if I go away and you are right they cost a fortune, spent loads on them before that.


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