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Hi just wondering if any one suffers with the above? On my discharge sheet from hospital it says A chest x ray showed "the patient has Bronchiectasis" no one said any thing to me about it??? As far as I am award I have brittle asthma always getting chest infections and always out if breath, wheezy and coughing due to that fact but am I right in thinking It may be some thing else causing this? Any help or advice would be grateful and thanks in advance.

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HI Zozoh

I would encourage you to ring the helpline on 03000 030 555, mainly because there are a lot of issues to go through, about the management of chest infections and keeping you as fit and well as possible. Also when you are well i.e. 2 months post chest infection you will need to have a spirometry and beta 2 reversibility test which will show how much asthma you still have.

As you can see its not something that can be answered in a question.




Make sure you get the right advice regarding chest clearance. I have had bronchiectasis for a long timE. A good site for help is bronchiectasis r us. Their advice is invaluable. good luck


Agree with Mo totally. I have had bronch since babyhood and asthma more recently. Are you unde the care of a respiratory consultant. If not defo ask your gp for a referal to a respiratory consultant who has a special interest in cystic fibrosis/bronchiectasis. Ask cons to refer you to a physiotherepist as clearing out the mucus is paramount and something you can do for yourself. They should do this anyway.

I can't believe the hospital discharged you without putting all this in place or at the very least talking over the implicatiions of having bronch. Good idea to 'phone BFL and you can also pm for a chat anytime.

Good luck Zozoh.



Hi, I also have bronchiectasis and i am pretty sure they cannot diagnose this just by and xray, you would need a bronchoscopy or ct scan to confirm this at least. Also with this you would also these physio to learn the best ways of clearing your chest etc and knowing the importance of having antibiotics at the ready for infection. ON an xray they can most likely see the scarring of any previous infections. I would ask for further advice.


In theory an xray sometimes can detect bronch, but it can also miss the bronch on an xray too. As you say shell they would pretty much always do a ct scan and/or bronchoscopy even if an xray suggested broch. They would need to know the extent of any damaged lung. I feel you need some answers Zohoh and quick -the way you have been left in the dark is not acceptable - don't you think that too shell. You need referal to a resp specialist who deals with cf and as shell says learn techniques for getting rid of the mucus for your lungs. I must admit I missed your dx was made from an xray - sorry.

Good luck in getting this sorted out Zohoh.



HI I wasn't even told it was just on my hospital discharge letter, I am under a specialist and also under the brompton for my asthma but been left a but muffed as if it is always my asthma or the bronch thing when I am bad I'm always wheezy and short if breath and in and out of hospital a lot with it.

I'm waiting for a follow up from being in hospital last week (when they wrote that in my discharge sheet) in a couple of weeks so I should get some answers then I suppose??

Thankyou for all your advice.

Zo x


So was this a local hospital Zo. I reckon you need some clarification and I am so pleased you go to the Brompton - best place to get some answers.

Good luck



Hi Cofdrop,

Yes it was my local hospital I was In for a very bad asthma attack and almost died and on the discharge sheet they put that I was suffering from that???

And yes the brompton has been great.



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