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recommend the BLF helpline

Just rang the helpline with a few problems i have - have never contacted them before despite suggesting others do it - i spoke to Carol a lovely helpful lady, who suggested i spoke to the nurse - within 1/2 hour the nurse had rang me, we had a chat and she gave me some very helpful information and some advice, i now feel a little more in control, i know what to ask my doctor, what to do about certain situations and about the tests i should be having.(which i have not had!)

Some of my issues are personal so i don't want to mention them but i rang up originally to ask " is this normal" and now feel i have been put on the right track.

Thanks to all at the helpline.

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All good there, glad she could help you :) x

All these years... and it just takes a BLF helpline nurse to figure out how to control yourself ! :-P

As for normal - I think we already know otherwise :-/

Joking aside (was I?) pleased you've found some benefit from using what you've been promoting. It's there for all of us, and well done to the helpline crew for dealing with such a difficult case... :-d

Hi Krazylady - please don't get TOO normal. Auntymary xx

lol xx me! that will never happen, you have more chance of seeing the pope in a porno film !!!! lol :)

And if anyone tells you there is a film on tonight ... vatican revealed ... lol

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