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Take action on OSA

The more eagle-eyed of you may have spotted a new page that has recently gone up in the website’s campaigns section called ‘Take Action on OSA’.

This new page allows you to email your local representative (whether it is an MP, MSP, AM or MLA) informing them of the potential health problems obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) can present, as well as highlighting the comparatively low awareness of OSA there is, both among the general public as well as healthcare professionals. It also asks them to take appropriate action to draw attention to OSA in governments and parliaments across the UK.

Up to 4 per cent of middle-aged men and 2 per cent of middle-aged women in the UK have obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) with symptoms. With awareness of OSA low among the general public and healthcare professionals, and up to 80 per cent of people with OSA remaining undiagnosed (and some studies suggest this could be even higher), there is a real need to take action on OSA.

Get your campaigning hats on and fill it out yourself, and tell friends, family and anyone else who might interested! (You can also share it on Facebook and Twitter)

You can find the online action here:

Remember you can also take the BLF’s online Epworth sleepiness test, to see if you may be at risk from OSA at

Tell us on here if you've taken it!


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hmm ...... perhaps there should be a mass testing of the 'right honourables' and 'esteemed friends' of both houses - so often seen napping their way through the post lunch sessions ;)

Lol - totally agree, Parvati! :)

What keeps you awake at night?

The new C.E.O. of the B.L.F.

My husband's snoring: our own experience of obstructive sleep apnoea makes me personally passionate about the work of the British Lung Foundation.

I do hope Dr. Penny Woods manages to get a good nights sleep after her husband sees his doctor

OSA is a treatable condition and the British Lung Foundation believes

"that most people need not suffer its ill effects."

In our 10-point OSA Charter, we call on governments across the UK to take action so that people with OSA and their families get the support and treatment they need.

If anyone wants to read the rest of the article in The Guardian interviewing Penny Woods go here:

Hi everyone, read more about the OSA online action and see what Dr Penny Woods has to say about it:

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