dancing queen!

Managed to have a little dance last night...it made me very happy!!!! its the first time since Feb that I've felt up to it...and before that I was clocking in around 12 dance hours per week!! The consultant gave me the go ahead on Monday so I had a go last night...managed to do most of the class, altho some of the time I had a watch...perks of being in charge.... and I handed over to one of my girls for the cool down. We are dancing with "Isis Wings" at the mo and it was nice to waft about feeling elegant...not something I feel too often these days LOL!

I've just collected all my new drugs...might need a new cupboard to store them in, theres so many....I'm sure it will all become second nature soon, will be keeping a diary so I can report back any issues next time I see doc...I tend to go blank when they ask me questions, do you??

My two older boys are going camping (again!!) this time at Alton Towers, including a day at the park...it's in honour of eldests birthday (although thats a couple of weeks away) rather them than me!

Hope everyone hads a good weekend...looks like we'll be getting some sunshine.

love all

Mrs S xxx

etra love to Val....hope you get home soon xx

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  • Ha, you had better start the Gangnam style as that will be all the rage by Christmas so I am told.

  • Oh God, it's awful, isn't it! Although I do admire him for getting the success as it is so hard to get anywhere in his country.

    Lynne x

  • "Having the time of my life........"

    Great for you, it lifts the spirits to do something that helps put life before illness.

    Lynne x

  • Hope all goes well :) x

  • Started the drugs today...found it quite emotional...they are serious stuff and its forever....I'll get used I suppose...thanks for your support xxx hope you gettting spoiled in "Hossy"

  • Getting there thank u hope the meds help x

  • Hi Mrs S,

    Glad you enjoyed yourself - strictly next week then? i hear they are short of a dancer

  • I'd show them all up Muckster!! I'd be the female version of Craig Revel-Hallwood....you should hear my comentaries...he's a pussycat compared to me lol!!! (I am much kinder to my real students though!) :-)

  • Damn - there goes the chance of a flash of leg lol :)

  • apparently there is something called Zumba gold - it's for the likes of us - not as strenuous as the fast Zumba - you may enjoy that.

  • I'm not a Zumba girl, I'm a dancer not an excercise freak lol!!

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