Re - admitted!

Called out GP yesterday been having sort of panic attacks during the night, it had been mentioned the doctor can give you something to help, she wanted me checked by the hospital 1st brought in last night after being in A&E from 2pm got on to the ward after 10pm. Another infection going to get oral antibiotic's when they sort the best one! I have no luck at all fed up what next? x

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  • (((((hugz)))))

  • Love ya Krazylady :) x

  • love you too !!! but love you more if you get better soon xxxxxx

  • Hopefully we will both get better together sending good vibes xxxx

  • Dear Val and Krazy please get well soon.

    xox Zoee xox

  • Thanks zoe x

  • oh bless you , ((((((hugs))))) from here, (but gentle hugs)

  • :) x

  • Thinking of you Val, you must be so fed up with it all

    Libby x

  • Just a bit x

  • So sorry Val, really hard for you. Chin up keep fighting it you will get there.

    All good wishes

    polly xx

  • Thanks Polly x

  • sorry to learn of your plight Val.Whole-hearted best wishes petal xx

  • :) x

  • Sorry you've landed back in hospital Val. I know it's not where you want to be and no wonder. I wish you could have been given something to settle you and some reassurance to allow you to overcome this latest infection at home or was it just necessary for you to have tests in hospital?

    You're having more than your share of hospital beds at the moment Val and I wish you a restful night and swift homecoming xx

  • Sometimes I do not know what to think about this hospital! I was waking unable to breathe frightening x

  • Thinking of you Val, hope they sort you out soon, Take care Lynne x

  • Thank u x

  • oh my goodness, please take good care in there, and get home soon. xxxxxxx

  • Hope so x

  • I'm thinking of you too val, sounds a long night and day so sorry your having this bother.

    hard but try and relax your diaphram so lower tummy rises with inward breath, sometimes helps.

    su xx

  • Thank u x

  • Oh Val what a setback for you, hope you are feeling better soon. XXX

  • :) x

  • Sorry to see this when I logged on,hope you are on the mend very quickly x

  • Thank u x

  • Get well soon Val.


  • :) x

  • just a thought val, has anyone in there offered you Autogenic Lung Drainage ?.. forgive me if you already know it but if not, it is a gentle way of removing secretions out of lungs, suitable for copd, asperg, etc. lung physio can teach it, on O2 as well.

    The right antibiotics will help, stay strong.

    su xx

  • Thank u never heard of that, started oraal antibiotic's last night hopefully on the mend soon :) x

  • poor you xx get well soon

  • :) x

  • valm I was so sorry to read that you are back in are having a hard time., however you are a strong lady, hope treatments work quickly for you.

    be gentle with yourself. thinking of you. sending you a cyber hug(havent a clue what they are ,but sounds good)so.....catch!!!!xx

  • Ha ha thank u x

  • Oh Val - not again, they've got you on a bit of elastic! xxx You're not on YoYo ward are you ?

  • Like a revolving door urgh x

  • Hi Val,

    I'm sorry to hear you've been taken back into hospital again.

    8 hours to get a bed is terrible, no wonder you are feeling down !

    Hopefully you'll be back to your old self soon enough, and you can get back home.

    Take care

    Dave xxx

  • Hope so thanks x

  • I think someone mentioned the attractive doctors????? Makes you think!

    (((((hugz))))) from me too. Hurry home val. xxx

  • There is 1 or 2 ha ha just don't tell Graham x

  • Hope youre soon sorted out and back home, take care xx

  • thanks x

  • Just tell me to where to send the JCB, to dig you out. Get well soon. the Daxie Crew!

  • Love it :) x

  • 'Get well soon Val.

    Lol at Aunt Mary. I think u have Val sussed.

  • :) x

  • Thank u x

  • Sorry you are back in Val, but you are in the best place...and at least they have wi-fi lol. Get well soon xxxxx

  • Yes what would I do with out my lap top ha ha x

  • Now Val,

    Are you competing to land the guiness world record for the most hospital stays or is the food really that good?????!!!!! lol.

    Serious tho, Im really sorry to see you are back in, I can appreciate how really fed up you must be. Bet yout family are woriied mad about you hun. If I had a magic wand I'd wave it and make you better but my daughter Kate's barbie wand doesn't work I'm afraid. All the usual chin ups and be positive and take care of you ok xx

  • Thank u anyone want a go? Hospital food? xxx

  • So sorry you are back in hospital Val, Hope you get well real soon

    Love Jo :-)

  • thank u x

  • Hope you are soon feeling better. Try to keep that chin up. :)

  • :) x

  • Morning Val,

    Hoping you are feeling a little better this morning.I think you can tell by the amount of replies to your blog,just how popular you are.Get well soon xx P.S. are you in the R.V.I ? just you didn,t feel happy with the care you got last time did you x

  • No in Hexham General, breathing seems a little easier :) lets hope it continues don't get a choice of which hospital this is the nearest x

  • well i hope they look after you in there.I,m sure they will.Get outa bed Hexham races on today.I,m up there on top of the hill later.Will try & tip you a winner xx

  • Ha ha good one love it :) x

  • Good morning Val, hope you had a better night.


  • Yes thank you I did :) x

  • Get well super quick!! if I was near by I'd drop in to see you with a flask of homemade soup!!x

  • :) x

  • So sorry to hear you are back in hospital ! Hope you are fixed up really soon and home again with your family xx

  • Thank you lets hope so x

  • Thinking of you, get well soon. xx

  • Thank you x

  • Glad to see you commenting - also pleased you had a decent night. They mentioned a BIPAP?

  • Will need to see the consultant about that, just had the ward round they are saying the inhaled antibiotic's may help but as everything goes slow what can you do? Started Doxycycline last night lets hope it starts to shift it asap in here for the weekend though, thank you will keep you posted. xxx

  • Crikey Val - couldn't believe it when I saw you were back in again- get well soon girl, thinking of you, Px

  • Thank you x

  • stay in until they get you sorted properly this time val, have they took bloods, put you on nippy, you must be better than sats in 70s ar night, before going home

  • Thanks yes they have taken bloods trouble is my blood never shows anything much such as marker's! I don't usually get a temperature either funny bugger this one ha ha. I think those episodes were due to a start of another infection! But I have the Macmillan nurse coming out next week will ask her about NIV Val x

  • Get Well Soon Val. Thinking of you and sending out positive vibes so hope you will be home again soon. Take care. xxxx

  • Thank you x

  • looking forward to your better news on being better soon :) x

  • :) x

  • Aww Lovely So sorry to hear you are back in.. You keep your chin up fingers crossed they sort you out so you can be home.. Hugs xxxx

  • get better soon Val, hurry up home and then rest up as much as you can xx

  • :) x

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