Lovely day

It has been a beautiful day here, the sun is shining and not too much wind or too cold.

Went to a different butcher today it was recommend by a friend, they do lots of their own frozen ready meals so have been and bought a few to try out ready for the winter.

It was so nice I parked close by and then walked through the village, this is very good for me as I cannot walk far without struggling with the breathing but it was really pleasant.

Feel I have achieved something, would like more days were like this. :-)


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  • sounds like a great day....hope the meals are as yum as they sound!


  • Sounds good Polly. I have had a good day also. I have just got back from my second session of PR and I have really enjoyed it, found out I can do more than I thought. :)

  • Well done gilly, glad you enjoyed it

    I have done PR and gone on to a maintenance class, and do you know, when I have been I feel invigorated for the rest of the day.

    Love it and the friends I have made.


  • Well done you....:) isn't it great when we get good days, we have to make the most of them as they are so few and far between, hope you have another good day tomorrow....:))))


  • So true Preshous


  • It is a joy to have a pleasant outing pollyjj and not feel breathless. I am much the same, went to the bank and local shops and feeling pretty much ok.

    That butcher sounds like a godsend you can stock up for the days ahead. Wouldn't mind betting they will seem very expensive but weighed up against the personal every day shopping, clearing the mess of preparation etc.and the cost of individual ingredients, will be worth every penny.!

  • Good to achieve something, well done


  • Yes Lavender I agree with you, they are a little expensive, about the same as Marks and Spencer but they are quite a lot bigger they will definitely feed both of us, and he does loads of different ones.

    Chicken chassuer, beef bourgignon, beef in ale, chilli, lamb curry and lots more.

    I certainly would not be bothered to cook all of these so really looking forward to them with a bit of veg out of the freezer. Loverly :-)


  • Well done, nice to hear you had a good day.

  • 8-) Can't see the sun here - oh, maybe because it's almost 1am... :o

    I've missed a couple of my usual little walks this week. I normally go round the block with my Dad when I go to visit him, but he didn't want to go out even for a couple of minutes as it looked like it could rain - it didn't, until I set off home.

    I sometimes pop on the bus to get some lottery tickets, I can get off at the shop then get the next bus at the same stop in town. But, I'm down with a rotten cold and don't like to set off if my nose is running or if I'm sneezing - it would annoy me if someone else was like that on public transport so I'll not inflict myself on others. I never win anyway.

    Nice to hear of other people's trips out too, and the new butcher Polly, not only do I feel peckish now, I'm also very jealous of your forthcoming meals.

    We have been known to prepare things in advance here but moneys too tight at present to cook too much ahead and keep things in the freezer. It would make perfect sense to buy stuff in and do some batches to freeze if we could. We tend to use them too quickly though, they're always so nice!

    My wife did some baking last week, four freezer boxes full of cake and different types of buns, we're supposed to be using a box a week - we're already on the last box :'(

  • Me thinks you need a lock on that freezer.

    how did you do the tears?


  • If you put your cursor over it it shows you, ;-}

  • Thank you Carol, I didn't know that.

    Learn something new every day, even if it is a bit silly


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