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sore arms!

been for my "flu and pneu" jabs this morning, got two sore arms now :-(

got to pick up my prescription for my new drugs looks complicated....

work went well last night but I'm finding it very tiring, nevertheless I am enjoying it, and everyone turned up, despite roadworks and rotten rain, so they must be enjoying it too! last night they all made a start on a sample of traditional english patchwork, and very lovely they were all looking...can't wait to see the finished samples next week!

think an afternoon of TV and coffee calls.....going to see my dance group later...hopefully I'll be up for a bit of a shimmy :-)

Mrs S xxx

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Hi Mrs. S. I had my flu jab yesterday, had the pneu one last year. Not that I'm complaining (for a change!) but I didn't feel anything and still don't - I did have the sore arms last yr though with the two jabs. Took the opportunity of booking a technique lesson on my 3 inhalors as I discovered after asking that my surgery has an asthma nurse (I was delighted as its near enough someone knowing about respiratory stuff for me).

It's great you're feeling so well and able to get around even after your holiday. Keep it up xx


its good you have a respiritory nurse, the nurse I saw today for the jabs didn't know anything about my disease but asked if she could read my notes and find out...I thought that was good.



I have my flu jab booked for saturday, I was hoping no sore arms this year but guess I will have to wait and see, pneumonia jab for me was done over 8 years ago, unless recommendations change I don't expect to get another pneumonia jab until after age 70 years as a booster, but medicine recommendations do change and also vary as patient needs.

Are you talking new inhaler meds or other meds Mrs S? Ask the pharmacist to explain the technique with the new meds, when to take, how to take etc, order to take etc, the pharmacist is usually pretty good.

Glad you had a good class last night :)

Have a nice afternoon.

Zoee x


oral meds...the consultant wrote it all down for me...I have to gradually increase one while decreasing the steroids...think I'll be keeping a diary!


Good idea re the diary.


I had both of mine a week ago. I asked for them both in the same arm. I knew it would be sore but at least it meant I could lie on my other side to sleep. :D


Got N appointment for flu jab on Sat 20th.


I had my flu jab yesterday and it felt like treacle going in my arm and it hurts a bit today, don't usually feel anything.


My flu jab booked for this saturday .


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