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half term

just booked a holiday for 1/2 term, we going to a lovely bungalow in Shropshire. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with hubby and the boys :-)

last night had a very long phone chat with my Sis-in-Law, we've not always found it easy to get along but in recent years have become quite good friends, we chatted for a good hour and a half last night, I told her all that was going on with me and she was very supportive, so although I ended up staying up later than I'd intended it was a good night!

I'm off to mark some papers now, and do some packing for class tonight,

hope everyone is breathing easy!

Mrs S xxxx

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Wish I could come with you. We don't get to go away now, hubby can't walk far and I would not be able to push him in a wheelchair, so the most we get is the local park, from the car park to the nearest bench for half an hour or so or until the water tablets kick in and we have to come home again. Still must not complain we have a nice (ish) garden where I sit out in the summer.

Hope you have a fantastic time with your lovely family.



have a great time , take it easy and enjoy new surroundings


Have a wonderful time. Take care :)


Polly, can't you see about geting him a mobility scooter or an electric wheelchair, surely social services or somewhere would help! Carole :-)


Good idea!


Hi Mrs S. I bought a 4mph electric scooter from a mobility shop here in Gloucester, but I could have bought an identical, brand new, one from the net for less than half the price, around £350.

It breaks up into several pieces - my wife can lift the peces into and out of the boot, though I can't. To maintain my personal freedom I had a hoist fitted into the boot to lift it in & out without dismantling but that was quite expensive. I have to take my time but I can do it. The scooter I have does 10 miles on a battery charge so I only need to charge it about once a week. I've never (quite!) run out of battery but I keep an eye on it.

There are lots of sizes, weights & prices so if you think of it talk to your local mobility shop * vresearch the net then buy where it's cheapest!. It's been a lifeline to me and frees my wife from having to take me out all the time.

Hope this helps



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