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This is a significant time of year in our family.

On September 23 I was 69; on November 23 my wife will be 68; BUT TODAY WE HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR 48 YEARS.

A miracle - for which I'm indescribably grateful.

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congratulations , its quite a feat, whether there is ill ness or not, not many people make the big anniversaries these days, I consider myself lucky to have made the 40 yr mark considering my husbands many ailments. Maybe 48 isn't a marked anniversary but I think every year is a special anniversary, enjoy the day. xx

Happy Anniversary.

Congratulations! We had our 46th 2 weeks ago and I always wonder if we will make it to another :-( when we do its another medal for my long suffering husband :-) Poor soul has a lot to put up with!

Have a great day XX

Happy Anniversary, hope you have a very special day xx

Congratulations to you both, have a fantastic day.

Best Wishes

from everyone at the BLF x

Happy anniversary! :-) Auntymary xx

Congratulation, enjoy a lovely family time :)

Thank you Serenity you have cheered many of us up and brought back many happy memories of anniversaries. Couldn't keep up the pace myself and maybe just as well as too crabbit now sometimes for most people's liking! Have a special day and congratulations to you both xx

"Congratulations" to you and your poor long suffering wife lol - seriously best wishes to you both, my husband and I celebrated 40 years of marriage back in July this year a miracle according to my family they said it wouldn't last :-) Though a bit of catching up to you yet, hope you have a "GOOD" day.



Happy Anniversary to you both :-) Have a good day.

We celebrate 43 years of marriage on 11 October :-)


Have a wonderful anniversary next Thursday. Will be thinking of you at Peter will be 61 on the same day. xx

Thank you :-)

Happy Anniversary to you both....x

Congratulations have a wonderful day. :)

Congratulations on your wonderful news, we were married on the same day as yourselves but three years later, it is absolutely wonderful that we have reached this milestone, not many couples stay together or even try to make a marriage work, now with having COPD in our family it makes married life very stressful when one becomes the carer of another, you seem to lose a bit of each other in the daily grind of medicines and breathing apparatus etc.

All we can do is remember our vows, 'in sickness and in health', and know that when finally it does come to an end, we have done all we could to make our partners life as good as it could be, and this is where all the help from Pulmonary Rehab and Lung Foundation Website Blogs helps enormously, being able to talk and air your views and moan and groan about it, and knowing there are lots more people out there in the same position as ourselves.

MANY CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful milestone. Pete and I have been married 39 years on 3rd November so it is our Ruby Anniversary next year. We have to stay positive and look to the future as much as we can. Take care and hope the celebrations went well. xx

Well I can't match those milestone but my husband was 65 and 'retired' in February and became my carer, we celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary in July and I will be 70 later this month, so quite a year for us too! :-0

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