Living with Mesothelioma

Im so tired today -I was up in the night very early for a trip to the bathroom The full moon was lovely and bright

The harvest moon was beaming when it could, but managed to get back to sleep.

This was a photo a friend put on facebook what a lovely photo

Woke up again and thought it was about 3am it was so dark as the clouds were black and it was raining on and off and it was 6am.

Worked on the computer and I know I really must knuckle under and start reading my speech as it is now October time is running away.

My facebook messages have crashed to my ADAO friend in the USA so Im trying to find how to put that right. We had a lovely Skype last night and I made her laugh she choked on her coffee –opps so sorry Linda xx We talked about Warriors and how they are playing a great part in the fight for Mesothelioma.

A parcel came very early and it was my 2 skirts for the different parties and dinner dances I have to attend for Christmas and the new year.Now I need a nice pair of shoes. I hate shoes im so happy in flip flops.

Then as I was tidying up while Ray took Louis out a man was calling me from my open porch and he had a huge parcel. It was pouring hard at this point so I was angry that he had walked in but good job I was dressed.

This parcel was Rays guitar so when he came in he was thrilled that it was here and it has kept him amused all day as he tunes it all in and has a play.

The weekend washing was done and dried in the dryer and hung up in the airing cupboard in no time.

We went for a longer Dog walk and I tried to hide my face from people as the scratch mark looks so bad now.

I do hope it fades by Saturday or I will have to use heavy makeup.

I did drop of to sleep for a while –just a little while but felt so much better and wide awake, just in time to cook dinner.

So the day has gone by. Rays Blog


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