Today I hugged a stranger!

This morning was a no go starter of a day, spent much of the night pacing the flat, hugging the dog or at one point just sat on the edge of the bed bawling my eyes out. I had simply had enough, why couldn't I have two good days in a row, why couldn't I have a weeks worth of good nights, why couldn't I be a size 18 again. Lots of whys and no answers.

Finally got some sleep when my body let me rest at 5 am and shoved my medical appointment for zapping in the TARDIS to this afternoon. Got up at 11 am took me another hour to sort myself with Lottie Bottie dancing around about in great anticipation of going out for freebies. She gets fed at the hospital, plus loves to scavenger the pavements which is rather gross :P On getting into town checked the bank balance felt further depressed, then made my way to the hospital calling in at the RSPCA shop where I was willing to adopt a stray hamster, though it looks like I have been beaten to it. Just as well because hubby would have done his nut, worries terribly about my love of little critters and possible allergic reactions. I seem to cope with hamsters though, though I do miss having my pet rats, sadly I became very allergic to those and had to give up my rescuing and providing them with forever homes. Poor husband during his time with me has had 29 rats, several hamsters, usually found straying down the road by someone and handed in to the local RSPCA shop. A dachshund called Max and lord knows how many stray dogs come by my way on a regular basis ready for deposit to the local dog warden (we are on first name terms now!). Finally got to the hospital where Lottie was plied with Bonios and I just got Zapped with UV Lights. Leaving the hospital my mood wasn't really any better so I called into a local deli for a treat, didn't find anything I could have because of nut allergy, cross contamination was too close to risk it so plumped for a coke instead. Then as I paid for my purchase across the counter on the stairs above, our eyes did meet, a dark handsome stranger with soulful eyes, for me it was instance attraction, I needed a hug and I wanted it now! So with the owners permission I climbed the stairs and sat down and hugged "Barney," a dead handsome Labrador, my heart was beating ten to the dozen, but I felt so at peace and "Barney," helped to repair a dented soul. Of course Lottie does the same for me on a daily basis, and nothing in this world will replace her, not even the husband and he knows that too! Today I just needed that extra hug from someone who didn't question, who just accepted, and "Barney," was that special soul.

To some a dog is just that a dog, to me they are magical creatures that warm my soul, Lottie and I left me with my heart skipping in happiness even if my feet couldn't, I plugged myself into my Ipod trundled along with Lottie through the parkland, and despite the greyness of the weather, the sun was shining once again in my heart and soul.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hugs the Daxie Crew

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a good end to a dodgy (or should that be doggy!) day!

hugs back to you xxx

arh bless,i,m afraid i too was in need of a hug this weekend,for what ever reason,i felt all alone,and cheated,life can seem so unfair at times,glad you had a happy ending x

Thinking of you :) x

:) thank-you

Marvelous, what a great end to a miserable start. Happy for you x

know how you feel..

ahh yes now I know how you feel, you cannot beat that soulful look the muzzle nuzzleing the gentle nudge with the nose the lick and the paw

What a great end to a lost day. PLeased you feel better.

Awwww that's such a lovely story and I totally agree with you. we have a plaque on our wall that says "a home without a dog is just a house" and it's soooo true. we've got no kids but have Poppy a little 3 yr old jack russell x whippet and she's our baby!! when you're feeling down or like you just want to pull the covers over your head and stay in bed she's a reason to get up and carry on with your day. we've always had animals (I too worry my other half with my love of animals - we're down to 9 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and Poppy) and life wouldnt be the same without them - glad the labrador cheered you up and made you smile again :)

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