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O Bugger :P

I never learn, thought great back to feeling great, I am super woman again. Yesterday achieved so much, went for (all be it a gentle stroll) walk along a former railway line with Lotbots and hubby, spent two hours catching up on the ironing, made dinner last night. Been starving the husband all week as I haven't have the energy it do much. Not that he was starving very capable of looking after himself. By 9 pm shattered, lying on the bed thinking I know I need to finish making it, stripped it early and still hadn't put the duvet cover on. Instead waited until husband did it whilst I lay on the bed holding the corners, how lazy is that? He switched the light off and said "night," I thought hey this is alright sleepy time :)

Its now twenty to one on a Monday lunch time still in PJs wheezing away again. Bugger Bugger Bugger, knew yesterday was just too good to be true arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So enjoyed doing normal things again. I know that might sound tragic to those who don't understand long term health problems, I don't mean it to sound tragic, just like being on top of stuff and me dictating life, not life dictating to me.

Lunch is a bit of disaster was going to have a ham roll and discovered an earwig in the ham, very active considering it was cold after the fridge, any way yuck in the bin the ham and earwig went, how on earth the earwig got in the fridge I have no idea. Oh well polished off some chocolate instead and some yoghurt,

Thinking that I must get dressed and wander off to the GP for my prescription of antibiotics, as I have woken up with full blown ear infections, good side of that perfect excuse for being deaf for the next couple of days. Despite wheezieness Lottie and I will still go out for a toddle along the River Wye through the park, maybe see a few squirrels hiding their nuts for the forthcoming winter, or spot our local Canadian goose who thinks he is a Swan, even now fully matured still hasn't clicked that he isn't like them. And strangely the Swans haven't noticed either!

Thank you to everyone who have replied so far to my Kindle post, and a special thank you to Gordon for giving us all a good giggle, and Gordon if I wasn't a married lady with a crap set of lungs and you a married man we could have read "50 Shades," together, if nothing else it would have left you breathless with laughter.

For any woman who hasn't read it, don't bother read all three and cannot work out what is sexy about them, all I can say is you need to be very athletic and personally I think a good book (not 50 Shades) and a cup tea with a chocolate biscuit is much nicer. :)

Hugs Daxie Mad and Lottie Dog

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Made me smile :) hope your feeling better soon xxx


Good for you Daxie Mad, have a good walk with Lottie Dog.



Queenbee, this is quite normal for me, of part of the package being severely allergic and brittle asthmatic.


Glad you had a nice day yesterday just rest now today that is what I do . Then you may feel up to doing more tomorrow. Take care :)


Breathless with laughter? I've not read the book myself, but listening to those women who have - all they can do is moan about it... :-D


What Gordon with pleasure or because their partners cannot compete :) ?


i really liked fifty shades but towards the end of the 3rd book i was starting to think "oh no not again" and skipping past the raunchy bits cos i enjoyed the storyline more than the erotica lol - i must be getting old hahaha


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