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I don't have COPD ??

Had my test this morning and the results are I don't have COPD, after all this time (2yrs) of believing from them I had this, moaning and complaining about lack of treatment from them only to find I don't have the disease. I did however have pneumonia in May this yr.

So, why am I having breathing issues when I start doing things, exercise, walk, putting the washing on the line, getting it out of the machine, feeding the dogs, general moving.. dressed, undressed, putting things in drawers.. all the issues you have with breathing I have yet its not the disease you/most have. I sometimes feel heavy to breath when I'm just sat

I have however recently had a bone marrow test, could their be some relation to breathing issues on anything that you would need a bone marrow test for, breathing is not why I had the test, I have blood issues.. I don't want to go internet looking because I'll drive myself nuts at some of the answers.

I do have asthma and when I'm well its controlled, the bad experience I've had ever with my asthma is when I had pneumonia, as soon as that cleared Asthmatic issues disappeared so its under control.

As strange as it sounds, I'd have prefered it if the nurse told me I had COPD I could understand it then but now I feel I'm back to square one..

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I also stopped the nasty smoking habit 90 days ago..

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Bet you are really confused now. Well done on the smoking.

Sure someone with more knowledge will be along soon with advice.



Well, good news if they are certain it's not COPD, and well done on dropping the ciggies.

Some of the symptoms can be through stopping smoking. I found that once the tar and gunk cleared, the nasty chest infections started instead. They were the cause of some of my breathing difficulties for some time. Mixed with Asthma and you have a body that's looking for the nicotine that used to flow freely, against internal triggers that affect your breathing.

It certainly sounds as though something else is causing this, and I'm not going to try and out-guess the doctors. If it is your asthma then they may change an inhaler or two to see what effect that has, I personally feel like that is a 'suck it and see' situation, they don't always know what's going to be right.

Pneumonia can cause lung damage too, and in turn affect your breathing. I was left with scar tissue on the lung, which reduces overall capacity and that can also trigger signals to the brain to say there is an infection, a temporary issue, when it's actually permanent.

I'd suggest talking to one of the BLF nurses, via the helpline, first. See what they suggest and, if needs be, go back to the surgery and discuss this some more with them.


Hi Eviex, there are many other respiratory conditions that cause shortness or breath and difficulty breathing not just COPD, shortness of breath can be caused by a number of things, resulting from damaged lungs, heart, symptoms of anxiety, stress, just to name a few. If I were you I would go again to the doc to try and establish what is causing your shortness of breath. If its not your heart, ask to be referred to a respiratory consultant who will be able to establish which respiratory illness you have.

I would start making a diary of how your breathlessness is affecting you each day, if its every day or if you get days of relief. If your walking is affected and your activities. Also you might want to do the symptom checker on the NHS direct site.

By the way who diagnosed you initially with COPD? and What test did you have and who told you that you do not have COPD?

I hope you can established what is going on, please keep in touch and let us know how you are.

Take good care.



I've had 2 spiro tests 1 2 years ago and 1 this morning, the first 1 said I had copd the 2nd says oh no I haven't yet in everything I do I'm breathless.. I think I had pneumonia when I had the first one..

I am back to see the doc next monday..

personally thinking because it took so long to finally get treatment for pneumonia its caused me some issues but the spiro test does say, all clear..



Hi Eviex, on the patient UK site its says, "someone with mild copd can have normal spirometry reading after bronchodilator medication". So if you used your bronchodilator med that morning this could account for a normal reading.

Having pneumonia will definitely have affected the spirometry reading.

I am glad you are seeing the doc on Monday. Hope things get resolved for you.

Here is the link to patient UK site where is mentions about spirometry and the normal reading:

I posted a separate blog on 'Shortness of breath' with the following link included which you may want to read also:



Thanks Zoee..


I had asthma when young,as it was not treated effectively ,it turned to copd.


My asthma is now been treated with a drug M name to it.. Sorted this issue


Hi Eviex, I know that your red blood cells carry the oxygen around your body. Therefore a person with a low blood count due to, say anaemia or another condition then this would cause very similar symptoms as copd. I hope this helps : )


My platelets are high, I have mylofibrosis which causes extreme breathlessness. Taken nearly 4 yrs to get this diagnosis and it fits with the rest of my issues. Thanks though.


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