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Coughing car

Oh dear my car is sort of coughing or more like jumping dont think this constant rain agrees with it . Was frightened it was going to stop on bypass today but got me home. Have to go to my friendly garage tomorrow (are there any friendly garages?) see what is up hope it is something cheap . No money for another one this is 10yrs old but I love it and it is in good condition apart from its cough a bit like me:) I went for a walk on the Heath this morning early before the rain came it was lovely it is flat so a nice easy walk. Hope you are all feeling able to cope keep your chin up and keep smiling Bye for now :)

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Poor car but have faith it will be fine.

Weather up in Scotland has been very bad over the past few days, big change since we had our few great summer weekends, getting ready for the good old winter.

Yesterday I checked the weather report, bright-dry no rain, me-wife two bogs and three dogs went to the beach for a great walk, dry-windy an cold, we were out all day and got back late, never seen the dogs all night, lying in there beds sleeping, I can't even remember going to bed, love the beach and good old fresh air.

Rained all day today, so glad we made the most of yesterday.

Let me know how the poor wee car gets on.

Take care

DAVID 1968


Glad you had a lovely day I love the beach to. We toured the West of Scotland last year it was beautiful Rach Mor, The Isle of Seal ,Oban,Loch Fyne Loch Ness lots more places it was a lovely week but it did drizzle most days we were prepared with waterproofs though it was great. We would like to go again next year to different parts .

I used to have a black labrador she loved the sea she was 14 when she died. I can not have pets now as I am in a flat now. I am smiling thinking of you and your lovely family on the beach with your dogs. Take care and dont work to hard .



I have two lovely rescued lurchers, even with two healthy lungs you have no chance of catching them, I just bought my wife a miniture chinese charpie for her birthday in July, she is a lovely wee thing (the dog that is) more wrinkles than me ha ha. She loves the other two even though they are giants compaired to her. Scotland is alovely place s much t do and see pitty about the weather though, Im used to it so anything over 17 degrees is a heat wave to me.

David 1968


Hi I also had a Cairn terrier she was lovely too she grew up with the children and was a good little dog. Your wifes dog will probably end up the boss over the Lurchers small dogs do seem to take control. I am on the north west coast so it is not as warm as south but I love it here. I used to have a friend in Paisley so used to visit there and Glasgow I love Glasgow the people are very like Liverpudlians sense of humour and friendly.

Take care.:)


Spray any electrics under the bonnet with WD40. Leads, connections, etc. It disperses water. At least it will show if that is the problem.


Thanks for that will try it.


Sorry, just had a giggle at your post. The thought of your car developing COPD just like the rest of us, he he he .

What hope is there for ALL our cars.

I can see it now, MASS PANDEMIC OF CARS if you have COPD your car can 'catch' it, is treatment offered by the garage or the NHS?

Methinks it's my warped sense of humour? But thank you for bringing a smile today :-)

Hope your car improves soon.


Hi i had same problem with my 10 year old fantastic toyota corrolla, turned out there was water getting into the petrol tank somehow, got it sorted, by a friend so ok now, buy even so worked ok for the 2 years before i got it fixed, just couched and lurched when it rain, but never let me down, so hope all goes well for you, love your senso of humour Tutifuity lol xxxx


Thanks Someone said it might be dirt in petrol so put £40 pound of petrol in someone said spray electrics with Wd40 did that yes it might be rain the amount of rain we have had it is definately a possibility but Goldie is booked into garage tomorrow so fingers crossed I do not have to cancel my winter holiday to pay for it. Ha Ha Take care Janie :) :)


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