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Advice needed C.O.P.D.& Emphasema

recently i had been struggling with terrible cough which interfered with my breathing both day and through night, taking my spiriva, symbicort and prednisolone just didn't seem to help very much.... even though i upped my dose of prednisolone, which are only to be used as an emergency over a short period of time, i found myself taking it every day for about 2 week's.. i gave up and insisted on an emergency appointment at doctor's to find that i had a severe chest infection and given antibiotic's.. explained that i had felt that the prednisolone was about the only thing getting me through. was told to stop taking them which i did, 5 days into the antibiotics before i felt any sign of feeling a bit better coughing up plenty of sputum (advice i need is ---for the last couple of day's every time i cough sputum there is blood though it something i have never experienced before) ...would be grateful to hear if anyone else has experienced this and what it could mean....

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Hi Angel

Any sign of blood in sputum is a visit to the doctors soonest - preferably with a sample if you can but even so; not a good idea to speculate on what it may or may not mean. Could just be a burst blood vessel because of all the coughing but you need to get this checked out. Aagin make sure you get an emergency appointment - none of this waiting until next week for one!

Do let us know how you get on


thanks mulie, was going to see if i could get an appointment with respatory nurse tomorrow as doctor appointment's are hard to get down here....

A walk in clinic or phone NHS direct for further advice. I think you need the doctor a respiratory nurse can't authorise tests to be carried out or prescribe the medication that you may need.

see NHS direct web site for telephone contact.

I agree with mulie, you need a doc appointment asap.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

I have had traces of blood, and this turned out to be a burst blood vessel in my throat due to coughing, but I would not have known this if I had not had it checked.. I would agree with everyone else and say get it checked out as soon as you can.

Haemoptysis (Coughing Up Blood)

Emphysema is one of the things that comes under COPD not a different disease

My dad was coughing up blood in August and was also feeling really bad so he went to hospital. However, thankfully, it turned out it was a result of dad retching whilst coughing and nothing to worry about they said. If it had been bright red, like a nose bleed for example they said then it would defo be summit to see to but as dads blood was in with his sputum and very thin it was ok. It turned out he had a chest infection so needed antibiotics so just as well he went in.

It probably is nothing to worry about and sounds worse than it is but always better safe than sorry I say and get it checked like evryone has said.

hope its all ok.

Hi Angel

I agree with everyone - you should speak to your GP about the blood in your mucous - more than likely it is down to a ruptured blood vessel due to coughing - can be a sign of an infection - so certainly speak to your GP - and as always call the Helpline - 03000 030 555 - if you want to talk it through.



thankyou mark posted an update today..... x/ray tomorrow morning and a different course of antibiotics.

thankyou all for the advice, i tried to get seen at dr's yesterday with no available slots so phoned again this morning.... now have an appointment at 2-40 this afternoon, will post with update when i get home....

Hi Angel, Yes, I too have brought up the odd amount of blood in the mucus bit - and that turned out to be a busted blood vessel apparently, mind you I do, and its probably a bit naughty, and I certainly DON'T recommend it ! , but, on the odd occasion - more out of frustration than ,anything else, stick two fingers down my throat, that really brings up tons of mucus in one go, - can't really say which is worse,spend all day coughing trying to get this blasted mucus up, even with medication to thin the stuff down abit, or, the two finger bit and have an " Avalanche " of the wretched gunge come up in one go leaving me ghasping for breath for a moment or two - not for the faint hearted ! - do as everyone else has said here - see Doc, and take it from there - Good luck - Vittorio

i no where your coming from vittorio, came close to it myself a few times but luckilly for me i actually cough myself sick, the pain and discomfort i dont like but once its over by crikey its a relief till next time..

UPDATE === Well been seen by dr, after sounding my chest he prescribed another week of different antibiotic = last week it was 7 day course of clarythromicyn 500mg today it's a 7 day supply of Doxycycline 100mg and a visit to x/ray dept in morning..

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