I have read the info on the conference in leeds on the BLF website. Is there any info where they answer the questions posed?

I live in Colchester Essex is there anywhere i can get to that is closer to get the information i need. I am constantly reading about gas exchange levels and % of pridicated and results of 6 mintues walk tests but i don't know what it means to them or me and where did they get the info.

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  • Hi Bridport you I am not sure what the gas exchange level refers to other than in my own situation I am a "retainer" thus retain CO2; it ultimately means that as I exert myself in any way whether jsut walking about the house or even standing up my oxygen saturation drops below 92 and walking slowly upstairs it usually registers 79% until my breathing comes up a bit and my oxygen concentartor kicks in.

    It could also be referring to the spirometry results - when you blow into a machine and it registers the out put. The resulta are "predicted" based upon a "norm" collected from a group people of a similar age, weight, and height - as far as I understand it - so please don't quote me as gospel.......................

    The 6 min walk test allows your medic/nurse measure your oxygen levels by placing an oxymeter on a finger and seeing if it stays steady or reduces in any way.

    Have a chat to the BLF helpline or go along to your nearest Breathe Easy group as I see there is one near Colchester and will probably meet once a month as a support group for people with lung conditions and health professionals do attend as well if available. I think I learned more from fellow sufferers than from my original health care team!!!

    Does this help?


  • Yes thank you I will go along to the breatheasy group. I will also ring the helpline.. Thanks your reply is very helpful


  • Hi Bridport As a regular of Colchester "Breathe Easy" do come to a meeting

    and join our cheerful group. We meet every 6 wks on a Fri morning. The next

    meeting is this coming Fri, Oct 5th at 10. 30. We hope to have a local Lung

    Consultant give a talk. The one after is on Nov.16th, talk by BOC rep.

    (The "Elevenses" are worth coming for alone!) You can see where to go on

    the "Colchester Breathe Easy " web site, bus stop outside and Tesco nearby

    for Lunch perhaps after?

  • Thanks I'll try to make the one on Friday regards kath

  • Hi, Will look forward to seeing you there. If I haven`t got there

    yet,as I travel from Clacton, I have asked Fred to look out

    for you. Basinga.

  • Hi thanks but I won't be able to get there this time. Hope to see you next time regards kath

  • Hi

    Yes - if anyone has any questions about IPF - idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - please call the Helpline on 03000 030 555.



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